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  • [Dev Digest] Invasion, CvC, and DST!

    Hey there, Questers!

    With this previous weekend’s slight overlap of the Invasion Faction War and Club vs Club, we’ve seen some concern about how this was scheduled. Let’s take a minute to chat about how these two things will be working for the rest of the month!

    Daylight Savings Time can’t join our Club
    Not only do you lose an hour of sleep if you’re unfortunate enough to live in a country that practices this mysterious ritual of gaining and losing time, but, as different parts of the world do this on different dates, the timers for Curio Quest Club events get all screwy! To avoid causing issues, we’ll be avoiding CvC and Club Wars from around March 13 to around March 27. We know this feels like a long time to go without proving your Club’s strength, but Club events will be back toward the end of the month!

    Invasion Events, Community Rewards, and AP
    These psychically controlled Curios are no joke, and we wanted to give you all some extra awesome rewards for taking them down in the Faction Wars style Invasion Event! While we can give out rewards based on two different parameters in some events, unfortunately Faction Wars will need a bit of tech to award points based prizes. As such, Community Rewards for the Invasion Events are going to need to be rewarded manually, which doesn’t feel as fun or exciting, but still gets the job done.

    While we’ve heard some concern about overlapping events that use AP (Invasion and CvC), you guys knocked the Community Tiers out of the park, amassing almost 250 MILLION points! Since you’re all so OP that you can breeze past that top tier (with a CvC overlapping) we’ll be raising the next top Community Tier to make sure everyone’s working together to defeat this new foe! Since we’ll be pausing Club events due to DST until later in the month, we shouldn't have an overlap of AP usage until possibly later in the month (though if there is an overlap, we’ll take this into consideration when we design the tiers for the Invasion Event).

    We hope that this has put some of your concerns to rest, and be sure to let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions to make these events more enjoyable!

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    great,now we can focus only in the fw,i hope now we can get better rewards,i think we can beat a 300 million pts as a community.

    can you put a limit of pts to win rewards,because is not fair for all the players who we go play hard,and a lot of players go to leech and they go to win the same rewards as us,
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      I fully support elsantos' idea of creating a limit to win rewards in order to prevent leeching. However, I would tie it to AP spent instead of points earned. If you enter a points limit, it'll be hard on new(er) players to get the rewards as they earn less points per run.

      I'd suggest that players have to spend X amount of AP in FW in order to qualify for rewards and X could be somewhere between 20-50, at least that's what feels right to me.


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        this is my suggestion for the nexts fw

        this was the tiers from the past fw i propose this limits in an attempt to avoid the leechers and increase the ammount of pts

        17m -- 17k
        33m -- 33k
        49m -- 49k
        65m -- 65k
        81m -- 81k
        97m -- 97k
        113m -- 113k
        129m -- 129k
        145m -- 145k
        161m -- 161k

        my ideas is,if you want better rewards then fight for them and dont leech and rest meanwhile the other players work harder to get better rewards,and of course to be fair with the noobs can put blue super or megaboosted to help them,i hope you guys like my idea,thanks for you time and have fun.


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          Why do you guys care if people leech. There are individual rewards and community rewards. I like that they are 2 separate things. For the community rewards we all win or lose together. For the leechers, their individual rewards will be worse.


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            You all make good points. Yes, while the leechers would get worse individual rewards, those usually pale in comparison to the community rewards. So putting some kind of limit would promote more points being made overall which might be needed depending how large the next top tier will be. But whether an AP limit or a point limit requirement is better is the question I think.

            Putting a point limit would be an obvious way to make more points since everyone has a hard set value to reach. The only problem with this is you would eliminate the weaker people out of most of the rewards and lets face it, they are the ones who need this the most to help advance so they can get stronger and help in future events. Which is why I think the AP limit would be best. If your putting the time and AP into the event, even if your weaker and cant get that many points, you should be rewarded with the full community rewards. Not the people who attack once and get the exact same community reward. These people are NOT helping the community.

            I'm not sure about the exact AP requirements that should be put. Whether its a 50, 100 or even higher AP limit. Someone more experienced with a better idea on whats reasonable and possible for most people would have to look into that.