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  • [Dev Digest] Addressing Mythic Concerns

    Hi there Curio Questers!

    Thanks for all of your feedback about the new additions that we've made to the game during this whirlwind anniversary month. Even if you're not happy with some of the changes, we appreciate that you're passionate about the game and that you've taken the time to let us know how you feel.

    We understand that some players feel that the new addition of Mythic Curios might make Legendary teams look less impressive, but we felt that, having had an awesome year of fun and growth, it would be a good time to offer an improvement over the current Legendaries.

    We designed the 5 star Mythics is in place of the next tier of 4 Star Legendaries we would have been released, as each round of Legendaries has been growing in power. By doing this we get to introduce new abilities, effects, and another rarity type to create more excitement and challenges in the game.

    One of the awesome things to note is that the Mythic Curios are currently available for the same price as Legendaries have been, so you essentially have a chance to get something better for the same price as before.

    We've really tried to find a good balance with the new Mythics' powers so that Legendary Curios retain the value of the investment you put into to them and can still be competitive as we move forward. Again, because we've been working hard to make the anniversary action-packed, the Mythic Curios have been coming out an expedited pace, but as we wind down, the timing of their release will probably cool off a bit as well.

    Thank you again and please let us know if you have any ideas on how to make the game more fun!

    Happy Gaming!

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    Today I spent 2,000 jewels and only won a xenoun and nasting else was only Enhance did not win any legendary as the players will be stronger if we get nothing and the arrival of mythic the percentage of gain legendary greatly diminished and it is almost impossible earns them the jewels player saves both long and time to spend them only earn Enhance like that many people will stop playing quest curio


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      Hey calm down don't get angry because you didn't found a legendary or a mythic from the sale. It has always been like that, but, because mythics are a subject of discussion, you're complainig. About 2 weeks ago if you haven't found a legendary from the sale you would have thought:" Argh! Maybe next time I will be luckier." But know are you're behaving like your bad luck is due to the mythics release. I have nothing against mythics, they are only stronger curio, and when there will be, for example, 10 mythics, you guys will stop complaing because they will be commonness.


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        whoever got angry is just sad dey didnt get 1


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          I aren't really concerned about the 4* getting-thing, as some of the players her may know, i've been playing this ever since it came out on Kong. I've played it before on FB but i didn't mind at that time. For all the poeple complaining about the gaining of 4*s: I didn't have a 4* after 7 months of playing!!! My main curios were: Ptero, Vast and Blastek which i actually got at their releases. (Vast and Blast.) I don't really remember which i used before that. =P But the thing is: I've been playing top 400+ all that time! It was even possible to take out Phant and 1/4 of a Joules with just Vast if used correctly. I don't complain.
          But now there are the new kind of curios called: 5*s... Which i am actually concerned about. I feel like these 5*s are a great mistake, this is the point where "lucky/unlucky, money and-or gems/poor and or-no decent gem earn" will be more serious problem. Poeple who've been lucky with their curios since the beginning will have a too big advantage, like: Even just 100 out of 100000 poeple have fused Razor or Rockysaur or even maybe AA-Igni: No matter what, these poeple will fill the top 100 with just the slightst activity. There won't be a chance to get there with not spending any money or saving gems p for a loooong time and spending them with lots of luck!
          Conclusion: What i'm saying is, this has already created a wall, which there actually already was, poeple who can buy lots of AP and have even decent curios: get first place in CvC/CW/SA/FW. Ofcourse the developers deserve their money big-time! I really think they do, but this is ruining the game for everyone without luck or money/gems. You can't get there even with skill/experience/knowledge/activity anymore. There will always be: Chaoses, E-s, just all the other poeple who spent some money and got lucky with it. Please keep it a little simple, like pokemon, i know this isn't pokemon, but it has the fair: "Every pokemon is different, but they are all almost equally strong." thing going on. I love the idea: Want stronger curios? Work for em! -thing. But you can't just "work" for a 5*. That will be for "luck" to decide.

          Sorry, i hope this is any help in improving the game, as in if it was information you could use. Please let me know, so i can do somethign with that. Hoping on improving myself if you know what i mean. =P
          Thank you for reading, and have a very nice day/week/year/life. See you around! =D


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            Chaos E and Me :3


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              Hello..... I am a new Player In Kongregate Games i was Playing Curio Quest in Kongregate....


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                And I love it I love Curio Quest <3 #FOREVER


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                  What ever happened to the specials we used to get offered when buying curios. I used to buy a ton more gems when they offered guaranteed legendary or better with the 10 disc. It's too damn hard to get anything over a 3*. I've played this game for over a year now and I see myself falling back in the ranks more and more every month. And it's not for lack of trying they have made this game so the top club can never be touched and the rest of us are non stop playing the ketchup game that we will never succeed in.