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  • [Dev Digest] Making a Zone (Part 2)

    Hey there Curio Questers!

    Welcome to the Dev Digest, where we address at trending questions, topics, and concerns! Today we’ll continue a multi-part digest about how a Zone is made (from start to finish).

    Zone Art and Animation
    Last week we covered that the Stranger sends requests for everything that the Zone should include - this week we’ll talk about how a bunch of words get turned into the art that you see when you play!

    Once the art team receives the requests for Zone art, the creativity really starts flowing! Most of the time we have a really rough outline on one of our many whiteboards for how the Zone should be layed out with notes and other important features. One of our artists gets to sketching, and the sketches get passed back and forth between the art department and the writer to make sure that the brainstorming is going in the direction that’s intended.

    Once everyone is satisfied with the sketches, another artist begins line art for the zone. Most of the time, node art in the zone is created separately so that it can be animated at a later point. During this process, the battle backgrounds are also made so that they match up with details on the map. After the line art is approved, another artist colors and shades the map background, battle background, and all the node art.

    Once the art is colored, it’s ready for animation! The animator takes the image in question and adds the motion effects that bring the game to life! If the art that needs animation is separate from the background (say for a node), it’s fairly simple to get it to move naturally. Some background images (such as a blinking light or waves along a shore) are superimposed and use a series of images to convey motion.

    If the art that needs to be animated isn’t separate from the background, that’s when the animation get’s pretty tricky! In this case, an animator will redraw and blend chunks of background to ensure that a ghost of the original static image doesn’t display while it’s moving. For the cart in Zone 4, all of the fence posts behind it needed to remain still while it moved!

    Once all of the animation for the zone is completed, it gets passed off to our Tech Team to get all put together, which we’ll talk about next time!

    Have a pressing question you’d like addressed? Let us know below!

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    Also new exclusive epics with the new zone would be great...
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      Epics would be a nice reward for completing a zone on either hard mode or challenge mode! The design for said epics could be tailored to the zone in which you receive it!


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        like chelydra and kernal.

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      how many new zones are gonna come

      the story has to end in a proper way


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        WE NEED A NEW ZONE !!! >.<


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          I would like to have legend also gems for completing the Zon