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  • [Dev Digest] Making a Zone: Part 1

    Hey there Curio Questers!

    Welcome to the Dev Digest, where we address at trending questions, topics, and concerns! Today we’ll begin a multi-part digest about how a Zone is made (from start to finish).

    Zone Design and Creation
    There’s a lot of work that goes into a Zone! So much that it’s too big to fit into one digest post! Today we’ll cover the beginning steps. This includes a lot of the brainstorming work that the team does to get the ball rolling on a new Zone.

    The Stranger is our writer, and he decides a lot about how the Zone is going to be made from the beginning. The first thing he considers is what’s going to happen next in the story. You’ve been trying to track down your parents and rescue them from the Legionnaires. You’re getting closer, but how will your quest continue? He also has to make the decision on how much more of the story will fit into a single Zone. Even though he knows how it ends, telling us all at once takes some of the fun out of it!
    He also decides where the story will take you next. You’ve trekked through a jungle, sailed the seas, battled through the belly of a beast, and wrecked your way through a town in this strange new land. The adventure will continue, but the setting will probably take you to places you’ve never expected, and introduce you to some pretty vibrant characters! Once the Stranger has a good idea of all of the details, he wordsmiths descriptions of everything the Zone needs for the Art team so they can bring it to life!

    While PvP and CvC Events can provide you with the opportunity to earn great stuff and work together as a team, and the new PvE system gives you the opportunity to prove your strength, a Zone fits into the game a little differently. They can provide a lot of great opportunities to advance the game from where it currently is. As mentioned above, of course a Zone will give you the next chapter of the quest to rescue your parents from the Legionnaires, but it can also introduce new battle mechanics (such as fighting an enemy with a four Curio team). A new Zone also gives us a place to seed in the new Curios you face for capture! The Design portion of the team decides on new features that the Zone will introduce, and confer with the Tech team to make sure that we’re able to support features that make sense in relation to the Zone’s theme.

    Next time we’ll cover what happens to a Zone through the Art and Animation process, so stay tuned!

    Have a pressing question you’d like addressed? Let us know below!

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    Ya I feel "how it ends" is a mute point. Everyone in the game knows how it ends, it doesn't. There is always going to be a next zone. So the story line really doesn't matter. There isn't a script you've built this game off us where, in the lore, the hero is battling this evil villain. So what I'm asking, is shouldn't someone else be pointing the direction?