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  • [Dev Digest] January 5, 2015

    Hey there Curio Questers!

    Welcome to the Dev Digest, where we address at trending questions, topics, and concerns!

    Luck Stat
    There have been a few questions floating around concerning what the Luck stat controls, and while we won’t be sharing the exact mechanics of it, I can tell you that Luck governs your chance for critical hits. If your Curio has a high Luck stat, it has a higher chance to critically hit each time you attack with it (if the Luck stat is low, it has a lower chance to critically hit). Currently in game, the lowest Luck stat is 2 and the highest is 196 at the top evolution, but most Curios fall somewhere in the middle. If you want more critical hits, fight with a Curio that has a high Luck stat or use one of the many boosts that improves your Curio’s Luck!

    New Curios But No New X
    I’ve noticed a few threads mentioning that we’ve put out new Curios regularly without the addition of Zones, specific fixes, or other content. Because Curio Quest is a mobile-first game, we’re required to submit the game for review before any major updates go in. There are some things, like Curios and Events, that we can add or change without going through a submission process. However, for most things, even after we’ve completed the work and testing on our end, we have to wait for the game to be reviewed before we get new stuff to you. We’ll be releasing a new Zone this month, and we’ve got more exciting content underway to keep your experience fresh and fun (you can read more about what’s upcoming in the State of the Game). We’ll also be running a series of Dev. Digests that give you a behind-the scenes peek at what goes into developing a Zone so stay tuned!

    What questions would you like addressed?

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    Thanks for the updates Mimzy! Does luck affect move accuracy, or just critical hit chance?


    • Mimzy
      Mimzy commented
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      Hey E! Luck doesn't affect move accuracy, only critical hit chance.

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    Will you put how many points each player have in cvc so we can see who is active?


    • Leesha
      Leesha commented
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      Mokilok22 actually addressed that here:

      Originally posted by Mokilok22 View Post
      Thank you for the suggestion. This is actually a feature we have added to our next update. You will be able to see how many points each club member has gained during the current event in the leaderboard section.

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    Hey Devs. Thanks for doing these! I just thought I'd throw out a few ideas:

    1. I noticed in the State of The Game you said you were revamping the friend list.
    Are you going to be able to sort it by last login? I would like to be able to boot those friends who don't play anymore and don't produce arcade tokens.

    2. I may have mentioned this to a dev before, but can we have a quick-add (add friend) button for Clan rosters? It's a bit of a pain to scroll through the roster and enter everyone's name manually.

    3. For the boost equip for a Curio. Can we please see the stats of the currently applied boost when selecting a new one to replace that slot.

    4. I understand that as you make new curios, you will want to put them in the shop first to generate revenue. But could we make more curios catchable through DNA replications, after a certain period of time? IE: new epic gets released in shop, 2 months later starts appearing in zones as DNA replication.

    5. Currently we have no way of seeing our "inventory". This is a bit frustrating when I have to look through a bunch of different menus to see boosts, lab supplies, and mastery tokens. Actually this is mostly concerning mastery tokens where we have no idea of seeing our amount of each token. I understand this may be a bit difficult depending on how you constructed your object classes (are all items derived from the same base class?).

    6. For the History feature of PVP it would be awesome if we could see what boosts, rank, and skills are rivals had equipped.


    • wotm8
      wotm8 commented
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      hey dude, to see what currant boost is on your curio just hold your mouse/finger down on the boost you want to see.

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    cheers for answering the question.

    my question is why has cvc rewards been changed drastically, and the more rewarding reward is won by player rank not club rank? can i get some insight on why?


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      Maybe something on boosts. Will a dark boost on a lightning curio do both types of damage when successful or will it do one or the other? And just a more in depth explanation on boosts or a link if I have missed one please. Also when can we expect better rewards across the board?


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        Also a good idea is to increase the achievements and jobs in this update because it's very useful to have bunch instead of nothing even if the achievements and jobs are hard to complete them.


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          would it possible that damage over time skills and booster damage could be shown in a different colour? like green, orange, yellow or purple? just to show us what the booster damages are doing and easier to be seen.


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            Devs, I must ask something. The boosts that add on minor (or major) damage effects seem to be able to spawn more of those same effects off of themselves. Was this intentional or was this by accident, not design?


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              I was wondering, what if there was some kind of one time name change or something along the lines of that? That would be pretty sweet!