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  • [Dev Digest] December 5, 2014

    Hi there Curio Questers!

    We took a look at some of your suggestions and wanted to keep you up to date about a few changes that we're making (one of which went in today)!

    We understand that some of you were concerned about the number of gems you can earn in the game, so today we’re changing the original 8-day rewards to repeat after you’ve finished them. This means that once you’ve gotten Boone (Day 8’s Reward), the next day that you log in, you’ll receive 2,000 Curio Coins (Day 1’s Reward). We’ll also be running an event for a Winter Curio beginning on December 12. Like the Festisnail event, you’ll be able to get components from replaying the last node in a zone to craft this Curio in the Lab!

    We’ve been reviewing your feedback, and some of your suggestions are really great! We’re definitely working on a new Zone, new boosts, and new Curios for future updates. Other player suggestions like adding battle sound effects, Club node co-op, and seeing how much fellow Club Members do in CvC events are definitely up for consideration, but would take some time to design and implement. There are a few things that you’ve suggested that aren’t likely to change, but those decisions are made to ensure that the game stays balanced and has room to grow. ^_^

    Make sure you keep an eye out for future Dev Digests - your question might be answered next!

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    Consider adding more curio's elements and the effectiveness of each elements toward another


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      Its great, tks the dev, at least we know that you still be here with us ) lol


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        Looking forward to the new "Create a Curio" coming tomorrow... I got my money on a snowman. For my two cents, I would like to see at least one, if not two, types of legendary curios to purchase at all times in the shop. The epics should be more like three or four at least. To have only one to two epics and a ton of rares does not make me want to spend my HARD earned (or easily purchased) gems. And rotate the elements so that there is a balance. So one week have a fire legend, next have a light legend, and so on. But not having ANY legend curios, again, does not make me interested in spending gems.


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          Yay I was right and it's a Snowman!!


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            Being able to see how much each member of your club does in a cvc event should definitely be implemented in the game. As a club leader I'd like to know who in my club is participating, and who's just wasting space.