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  • [Dev Digest] December 4, 2014

    Hey Curio Questers! Welcome to the Dev Digest! Let’s talk about some great stuff today!

    Referral Codes are pretty awesome, for both the referrer and the referee. You can only input one referral code, so make sure you pick the person who suggested you play CQ (or someone that you want to support)! No matter whose referral code you put in, you’ll get a sweet experience reward. No one’s referral code will give you something different or special if you use it, and claiming otherwise is really uncool and a bannable offense. The more people that you refer (and use your referral code), the higher your referral count, which gets you cool in-game rewards; so definitely tell your friends and family to play and use your code!

    Curio Quest is only available for your mobile device right now, but we’re working on getting it available on multiple web platforms (as our other game titles are) by the end of the month. Your mobile character will be largely unaffected by this. We are working on making your character playable on both web and mobile, but this will only be available for specific platforms. Similarly, some folks have asked if it’s possible to play on both their phone and tablet; while we don’t currently support this, we’re working on making it available for you all.

    Many of you have been asking for new Zones, and one is definitely in the works ^_^. In the meanwhile, we have some great CvC events planned for you where you have a chance to earn some rad, free gems (one is even going on right now)! If you want to participate, you need to either be a member of an existing club or create a new one before the event begins. If you missed out this time around, don’t worry! We’ve got two more CvC events this month starting on December 13 and 27!
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    So does that mean no update, just more cvc and pvp?


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      Better than nothing


      • #4
        how about fix the chat bug? i'm getting pretty over my game crashing, often..


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          And the thing about the Ref Codes should have been posted much earlier. I spend my one for nothing. Played 3 weeks and get no referall. Everybody fools around with his referall to get one. It's a shame.


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            Not everyone, some of us have morals.