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  • Curio Pumpkin Contest: October 2016

    Happy Curio-ween
    October Pumpkin Carving Contest!

    Happy October, Collectors! Ghosts and goblins and Candy Corn Curios are putting on their party pants. Now it's time for you to join them and get in the Halloween spirit!

    Put your skills to the test and represent your favorite Curio, character, scene or inspired image by carving it into a pumpkin!

    Entry Parameters:
    The carving must be your own work.
    We reserve the right to verify the originality of your entry via an internet search.
    If it's not, your entry will be disqualified.
    Your entry must represent Curio Quest in some way. It can be a character, a scene, a piece of equipment, or anything else creative that relates to the game.
    As we know that jack-o-lanterns are a very American tradition, we will accept any fruits or vegetables instead of pumpkins. Just imagine the possibilities of a Boletus made of a real mushroom! Perhaps you'll design the Zone 1 treehouse in a watermelon. What vegetable would look best for a Macrobe? Basically, anything from a garden that you can carve will be acceptable - just keep it safe, fun and food-friendly.

    Post Parameters:
    The Contest will run from today until Halloween: October 31st.
    Players are allowed one (1) entry.
    Your Post must include
    In-Game Name:
    Player ID
    A picture of your carving
    All non-submission posts will be hidden to keep submissions at the top

    Embedding Pictures:
    Let’s do a quick tutorial on the best way to embed pictures here on the CQ forum.
    • Once you have your picture file saved, go to
    • Click on the blue “upload images” button at the top of the screen.
    • Either drag and drop the file, or find it by browsing on your computer.
    • Click “Start Upload.”
    • Once the upload is complete, there will be a section on the right side with different links.
    • Copy the “BBCode” link, which will have “[img]” at the front and “[/img]” at the back.
    • Paste that whole link in your entry, remembering to include your IGN and Player ID.
    • Post as usual.
    • Grand Prize: The best pumpkin carving design will win a Dark Curio of their choice! This player will also receive 1000 gems and be featured on the official Curio Quest Facebook page.
    • Five runners up will receive the Dark Legendary of their Choice
    • All players who participate will be awarded Kernal and 50 gems.
    • Winners will be announced one week after the contest ends.
    So get out there and start carving! Best of luck squashing the competition. And remember to keep it safe - if you're on the younger side, or accident-prone like your Dev Little Fury here, don't be shy about asking for adult supervision.

    Here is my attempt at carving Blue, Evo 1 into a Pumpkin (which Fury managed with one hand in a I said: accident prone), followed by a lit jackolantern of the same!

    Candled Blue

    * 5th Planet Games will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur in the event of pursuing this course of action. Please carve responsibly.
    Last edited by LittleFury; October 13th, 2016, 09:08 PM.

  • #2
    Multifrost is getting sick of being a chrismas icon he loves scaring players as they pass by on the night of the full moon on curioween by pretending to be a jack-o-lantern and then coming to life and chasing his victims
    Last edited by s-wolff; October 10th, 2016, 11:29 AM.


    • #3
      Name : Age
      ID abhig101

      Magmo has a big heart but no more generosity, this time he call magmite to take revenge for not getting CQ birthday gifts.


      Candled Magmo

      Blazing Magmo

      Magmo called his friend Magmite

      Hey Little Fury, your sample picture doesnt show hand written note "Happy curio-ween" and my mistake that I didnt carefully read instructions and carved and click pictures without note. let me know if it works or I have to do it again as note is not there.
      Last edited by abhig101; October 13th, 2016, 06:04 AM.


      • s-wolff
        s-wolff commented
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        They said only one entry

      • LittleFury
        LittleFury commented
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        It's okay. We will consider Magmo as your entry.

      • Zombie ExGirlfriend
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        Sure looks like MAGMO to me! Nice job abhig101! (did I pronounce that correctly? lol)

    • #4
      Hey Thanks for your comments guys. Yes my main entry is Magmo but I like pumpkin carving so I did it again and don't want to waste that entry so I give it another name and try to make a link. But no intention to break the rules.

      Hey Zombie my exgirlfreind you pronounce it correctly....

      And one more thing I just get to know that I can't reply to my own post. Its giving me error when I am replying to the post.


      • #5
        Pumpkin FRITTER, anyone?
        ​IGName: ZombieExGirlfriend

        Camera flash pic:

        No camera flash pic:

        Alternate SKIN! Just for fun. Had a blue LED to put inside.

        Fritter curio original:
        Last edited by Zombie ExGirlfriend; October 22nd, 2016, 03:15 AM.


        • abhig101
          abhig101 commented
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          Yea This is very good. Gud job Zombie. It seems a winning entry.

        • goob
          goob commented
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          So beautiful

        • Immortal
          Immortal commented
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          This is just awesome...

      • #6
        I summon thee the APPLE RAMSICAL.It is bored and wanders of into the PEN PINAPPLE APPLE PEN(PPAP) World xD,Just kidding.
        Last edited by ibex; October 19th, 2016, 05:19 PM. Reason: oops


        • Immortal
          Immortal commented
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          Lool, gj ibex!

        • Agath_x
          Agath_x commented
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          You're feeding apple with an apple, thats fruit canibalism!

        • Rupert
          Rupert commented
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          ohhh... I like this one.

      • #7
        I freaking love you ibex


        • #8
          no that wasn't me,The apple was eaten by my mother@Fury


          • #9
            IGN: DrGoobenstein
            Batawoc style

            Last edited by goob; October 23rd, 2016, 02:18 AM.


            • Zombie ExGirlfriend
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              Is your Batawoc standing on top of Shado? or is that another pumpkin in the design?

          • #10
            IGN: BugMaster13000
            ID: BM13000

            Behold! Singularity!


            • sachin26
              sachin26 commented
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          • #11
            @BugMaster great work! looks awesome!


            • #12
              Here is the creeptacular Cryptomb...

              IGN: Lime
              ID: Lime


              • #13
                Dang.. you guys are all really good at this pumpkin/apple carving business...


                • LittleFury
                  LittleFury commented
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              • #14
                ID: loveufury
                IGN: Devlover


                • #15
                  ID: loveufury
                  IGN: Devlover



                  • BugMaster
                    BugMaster commented
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                    The contest already ended!