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    IGN : age
    ID abhig101
    Element : Dark

    Curio Name : Mercury
    Desc : 2-headed demon, an ancient creatures is the keeper of the gates of the underworld, preventing the dead from leaving. Found lurking in the dark dungeons.


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      a devilish robot created by a mad scientist to take over the world which is powered up by heat and solar power


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        IGN: Nicolas
        ID : 1EJ82318RCBM

        This is " PRRO " the guardian and protector of the jungle, never give up and always fight to protect. IMAGE----->>>


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          Wow, wow. WOW.
          Right now it's about a 1 in 28 chance for someone here to influence our favorite game and get a piece of their imagination put in as a curio design.
          Is that not completely AWESOME?
          I love seeing all the artistic submissions and ideas. It's fun and certainly brought me to the forums daily to check on this thread.
          A big thanks to the DEVS and 5th Planet for allowing this type of community participation!


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            IGN: Chisod
            ID: CHISOD
            Description : SKY DRAGON for several years was the guardian of heaven


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              IGN: Luis_ZG
              Id: luiszg
              Pherro is a curiosity that its branches can hurt any curio because it possesses powers and dark earth
              Last edited by luis zavaleta guevara; July 31st, 2016, 04:59 AM.


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                IGN: CookieMcFat
                ID: J97863RUGY
                Description: You haven't heard jazz until you've heard it underwater, alive and angry.


                • Propelar12
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                  OMG I love it!!!

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                Sonic instruments Name : owen Id: owen


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                  Chozard, Dragon spits fire :


                  • LittleFury
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                    Hey Khevin - Great artwork but we need your IGN and Player ID for this to be a valid entry!

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                  IGN : Mjoern

                  ID : Mjoern

                  (yet again last minute entry x'D)

                  Sorry for those that voted for the turtle curio..

                  With Leyline being in the game, there is already 4 earth myths..

                  Water, electric, light and physical are the elements that still only have 3.. I tried to do a version of the turtle curio as a sea turtle with a coral theme instead of tree but that didn't work as well..

                  So I went with the electric curio concept but I made it extra cute and sacrificed the draconic and magic features to make it more "pure" and less messy..
                  SO here it is!

                  I present to you
                  Jackavolt! or Tesla .. or Ohm or Jackalohm!
                  Gotta check the rules to see if it has to be named
                  (Dear Aesalon! I am so bad at naming!)
                  This curio draws energy from the earth to zap its opponents.
                  It is highly territorial and will charge any trespasser at light speed.
                  Last edited by Mjoern; August 1st, 2016, 06:26 AM. Reason: some more names


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                    Hey Collectors! Thanks for your patience as the entire 5PG Team reviewed all of your amazing entries! We were blown away by the creativity and talent that went into your entries.

                    All VALID entries (ones that only used original art and contained all of the required components) will earn their participation reward of 50 gems and a mana boost.
                    Our 5 Runners Up are, winning an Ebb, are:

                    And the Grand-Prize winner, whose design will inspire a brand new Curio (you will be receiving this Curio once it's released!) is.....

                    Congratulations, Happy, for your entry liazod. Our designers will start work on creating something based on your design very soon!

                    Congratulations to everyone for their fun and fabulous ideas. We were truly inspired.


                    • Relly
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                      When are we going to get our gems and boost? Contest ended a week ago

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                    Prizes have been awarded.