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  • Inspire a Curio Contest! Closes July 31, 2016

    Inspire a Curio Contest!

    Hi there, Collectors!

    You had such wildly original designs for the Ignitar Inspire-a-Skin contest, that we thought we’d take this to the next level. Now is the chance that many of you have been waiting for - a chance to create your own Curio and see it inspire an actual in-game Curio in Curio Quest!

    Our Curios are all unique, and we like to think that each one has a personality to match their crazy, wacky, cute, creepy or tough exterior. Now it’s your turn to inspire a new Curio! If art isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry! We’ll be accepting written descriptions alongside whatever Picasso, Rembrandt, or stick figure you’re able to craft to be sure that we all understand the grand vision from your minds and hearts. We don’t need to know what it does or its rarity - we’ll take care of that! But make sure we understand what we’re looking at, and how you’d love to see it artistically portrayed in the game. If your idea is clearly of a certain element, you can include that, too. Our art team will use the winning entry as inspiration for a new Curio!

    • You're allowed to have one (1) entry in the contest.
    • Your entry must include:
      • Your IGN:
      • Your Player ID:
    • Entries must be submitted by July 31, 2016.
    • Do not include stats, skill names, rarity, etc. That’s our job!
    • Your entry must be your own original concept for a max evolution Curio.
    • You may not copy anyone else's copyrighted material.
    • If your image infringes upon a copyright, it will be disqualified.
    • You may only submit your own art and descriptions that you personally have created.
    • We reserve the right to verify the originality of your entry’s art and writing via an Internet search.
    • If it's not, your entry will be disqualified and all of your Curios will cry themselves to sleep at night.
    • By entering this contest, you are granting us a non-exclusive perpetual license to your entry to reference, reproduce, and alter as we see fit.
    • The decision of the Dev Judging Panel is FINAL.
    If you submitted an entry for a past Inspire a Curio Contest and didn’t win, you may reuse the same entry, but you may want to take a look at your entry and improve on it so you have a better shot this time.
    Take a look at the type of Curios currently in the game; while many ideas are good, sometimes they don’t fit in with the rest of the Curios currently in-game. Try your best to keep within the zany world of Curio!

    Embedding Pictures
    Since many people seem to have had issues loading pictures on the forums for the Blastek Reskin Contest, let’s do a quick tutorial on the best way to embed pictures here on the CQ forum.
    How to Embed a Picture
    • Once you have your picture file saved, go to
    • Click on the blue “upload images” button at the top of the screen.
    • Either drag and drop the file, or find it by browsing on your computer.
    • Click “Start Upload.”
    • Once the upload is complete, there will be a section on the right side with different links.
    • Copy the “BBCode” link, which will have “[img]” at the front and “[/img]” at the back.
    • Paste that whole link in your entry, remembering to include your IGN and Player ID.
    • Post as usual.
    Sample Entry
    My IGN: LittleFury
    My Player ID: littlefury5pg

    My [sample] entry is the mighty DonutFret! DonutFret has the strength of a thousand Geddons and tastes more delicious than Wormseed could in his best dreams, so he should be a Physical Curio. (please only draw the Curio. I added 'myself' in for entertain purposes only. My hair looks way less classy in real life.)

    So who wins this one? Our panel of Dev judges will be looking for the following things.
    • Adherence to the rules
    • Concept originality
    • Effort put forth
    • Concept cohesion
    • Concept “fit” within the game universe
    Once the winner is announced, we’ll be giving the Curio Community the opportunity to vote on Lore, skills and more that we create based on the original design! Stay tuned for Round 2 in August!

    The thing everyone wants to know about!
    • All valid entrants will get 50 gems and a mana drain boost.
    • Our five favorite entries will also get Ebb!
    • The Grand-Prize winner’s entry will be used to create a new Curio, which they will be awarded when it becomes part of the game!
    Good luck!
    Last edited by LittleFury; August 10th, 2016, 12:02 AM.

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    MuteFeathers This is LeafBlade
    She is a lioness with thorns for claws and teeth and the leaves on her arms and tail are actually blades made of gold she is a master of camouflage and martial arts
    Her element is earth
    Last edited by s-wolff; July 21st, 2016, 03:20 AM.


    • SapphireDragon
      SapphireDragon commented
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      I love this idea!! Great job on it!

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    This is Kangurio
    He's a kangaroo with armor and a necklace of fangs he collected from his enemies
    Type physical


    • #4
      IGN: Bunny ID: FluffBall This is Spiral, she often has dinosaur like activity by roaring at others, (anyways just though i should take a shot at my first contest lol and also link to my original image on my da for better view
      Last edited by Bunny; July 16th, 2016, 06:29 AM.


      • Mjoern
        Mjoern commented
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        it's very cute

        you should use the BB code link.. it would give it more visibility

      • SapphireDragon
        SapphireDragon commented
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        So cute!!

      • Propelar12
        Propelar12 commented
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        Love it, the only thing that worries me is what the last evolution will be like if it gets added xD I imaging a huge body builder bunny!

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      Concurso de inspira a un curio! Se cierra el 31 de julio de 2016

      Concurso de inspira a un curio

      Hola colectores!

      Tenías tantos diseños tremendamente originales para el concurso de Inspire la piel de Ignitar, que pensamos que sería mejor llevar esto al siguiente nivel. Ahora es la oportunidad que muchos de ustedes han estado esperando - la oportunidad de crear su propio curio y de inspirar un curio real en el juego en Curio de Quest!

      Nuestros Curios son únicos, y nos gusta pensar que cada uno tiene una personalidad para que coincida con su loco, raro, lindo, espeluznante o duro esterior.Ahora es su turno para inspirar un nuevo curio!.Si el arte no es su punto fuerte, no se preocupe! Estaremos aceptando las descripciones escritas junto a los de Picasso, Rembrandt, o figura de palo que usted sea capaz de diseñar para asegurarse de que todos entendemos la gran visión de sus mentes y corazones.No necesitamos saber lo que hace o su rareza - nosotros nos ocuparemos de eso!Pero aseguremonos de entender lo que estamos viendo, y la forma en la que les gustaría verlo retratado artísticamente en el juego.Si su idea es claramente de un determinado elemento, puede incluir eso, también. Nuestro equipo de arte utilizará la obra ganadora como inspiración para un nuevo curio!

      -Solo se le permite tener (1) entrada en el concurso.
      -Su entrada debe de incluir.

      -Su IGN (ING= nombre en el juego)
      -Su ID de jugador

      -Las entradas deben de presentarse para el 31 de julio de 2016.
      -No incluya stats, nombres de skills, rareza, etc. Ese es nuestro trabajo!
      -Su entrada debe ser su propio concepto original de un curios en su maxima evolución.
      -No puede copiar material de los derechos de autor de alguien mas.
      -Si la imagen infringe un derecho de autor, será descalificado.
      -Sólo puede enviar su propio arte y descripciones que usted personalmente ha creado.
      -Nos reservamos el derecho de verificar la originalidad del arte y la escritura de su entrada a través de una búsqueda en Internet.
      -Si no lo es, su entrada será descalificado y todos sus curios se van a ir llorando hasta dormirse por la noche.
      -Al participar en este concurso, nos está concediendo una licencia perpetua no exclusiva para su entrada para hacer referencia, reproducir, y alterar como mejor nos parezca.
      -La decisión del jurado del Panel de Devs es final.


      Si presentó una entrada en un pasado concurso de inspirar a un curio y no ganó, es posible volver a utilizar la misma entrada, pero es posible que desee echar un vistazo a su entrada y mejorarla para que tenga una mejor oportunidad esta vez.
      Eche un vistazo a la clase de curios que actualmente hay en el juego; mientras que muchas ideas son buenas, a veces no encajan con el resto de los curios que hay en actualidad en el juego. Haga su mejor esfuerzo para mantenerse dentro del sano mundo de lo estrafalario del curio!

      Incorporacion de imagines

      Dado que muchas personas parecen haber tenido problemas al subir imágenes en los foros para el concurso del Reskin de Blastek, vamos a hacer un rápido tutorial sobre la mejor manera de incrustar imágenes aquí en el foro de CQ.

      Como incrustar una foto

      -Una vez que tenga su archivo de imagen guardado, vaya a
      -Haga clic en el botón azul "subir imágenes" (upload images) en la parte superior de la pantalla.
      -Arrastre y suelte el archivo, o encuentrelo por medio de la navegación en el ordenador.
      -Haga clic en "Iniciar carga."(upload image)
      -Una vez completada la carga, habrá una sección en el lado derecho con diferentes enlaces.
      -Copie el enlace "BBCode", que tendrá "[img]" en la parte delantera y "[/ img]" en la parte posterior.
      -Pegue todo ese enlace en su entrada, sin olvidarse de incluir su IGN y ID del jugador.
      -Publique como de costumbre.

      Entrada de muestra

      Mi IGN: LittleFury
      Mi ID de jugador: littlefury5pg

      Mi entrada [muestra] es el poderoso DonutFret! DonutFret tiene la fuerza de un millar de Geddons y tiene un sabor más delicioso que que la semila de gusano en sus mejores sueños, por lo que debe ser un curio físico.(Por favor, yo sólo dibuje el curio. 'yo' me añadi en la foto para fines de entretenimiento. Mi cabello se ve menos elegante en la vida real).

      A juzgar

      Entonces, ¿quién gana esto? el panel de jueces Dev estará buscando las siguientes cosas.

      -El cumplimiento de las normas
      -La originalidad del concepto
      -Esfuerzo realizado
      -Concepto de cohesión
      -Concepto de "encajar" dentro del universo del juego

      Una vez que se anuncie el ganador, vamos a estar dando a la comunidad de Curio la oportunidad de votar en Lore, skills y mucho más que nosotros vamos a crear basados en el diseño original! Manténgase en sintonía para la Ronda 2 en agosto!


      Lo que todos quieren saber!

      -Todos las entradas participantes válidas obtendrán 50 gemas y un boost de maná.
      -Nuestras cinco entradas favoritas también tendrán un EBB!
      -La entrada del ganador del gran premio será utilizado para crear un nuevo curios, que será entrgado cuando se convierta parte del juego!

      Buena suerte!

      Link para compartir
      Last edited by LittleFury; July 27th, 2016, 08:30 PM.


      • #6
        IDN: happy
        ID: Happytaco

        this is liazod and he watches over everyone sleeping, keeping them safe from any harm.

        i was thinking of him being light or dark...hope you all like it that drawing probably took me longer than any other


        • #7
          IGN: DrakeMaster
          ID: DM1245

          Introducing EmberFyre, the Red Panda! EmberFyre is the sworn protector of the rainbow realm. She loves to collect gold and silver accessories. She is of the Fire element with some Light abilities.

          Last edited by DrakeMaster; July 23rd, 2016, 09:07 PM.


          • Mjoern
            Mjoern commented
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            why is his horn pointed to the right, it looks like the horn has just been pasted there.. it feels out of place.

          • SapphireDragon
            SapphireDragon commented
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            I think EmberFrye is really cute! I like it ^_^

          • LittleFury
            LittleFury commented
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            Thanks for the new submission, Drake!

        • #8
          IGN: BugMaster13000
          ID: BM13000

          This skeletal monstrosity has stolen parts from his vanquished enemies: Pentes, Torbolt, and Scorpio. This Water curio is known as CrayCray and also wields Dark abilities.


          • Mjoern
            Mjoern commented
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            lol pretty cute x'D

          • SapphireDragon
            SapphireDragon commented
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            That's a cool concept! Nice Job!

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          IGN: 0-Cozta-0
          ID: Boyd

          Curio Name : Hedgy

          Description: After Hibernation Hedgy comes out at night and tackles crime around the curio universe. His Spikes make a great attack and defence.


          • #10
            IGN = DOME
            ID = COLLECTER

            CURIO NAME = Peppxi

            Description = Peppxi's gatling gun is not the best, but the ammo is so spicy that you can be confused and stunned in Peppxi's one hit. A-A-ACHOO---OOOO!

            Suggestion = Its seems to be like spicy, I think it is a Fire Curio, or maybe PHYSICAL?

            Last edited by Gop; July 10th, 2016, 07:49 AM.


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              IGN : Devil
              ID : liveD
              Last edited by Devil; July 10th, 2016, 02:44 PM.


              • Bunny
                Bunny commented
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                Dang that's really good

              • SapphireDragon
                SapphireDragon commented
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                Lol I love how it says meow XD

            • #12
              IGN: Maxx
              ID: maxxpain

              Class: Air Curio
              Suggested Name: Torn-Aid
              Bio: This curio summons the power of the air to defend itself from potential threats. Or to bring vast amounts of tornadic damage to its' foes.
              It's bandaged body displays the remnants of scars from fierce battles, while not unscathed it remains victorious.


              • #13
                IGN: aaa
                ID: aaaDSMN

                This is princess bumbalo. She might seem nice but if she gets mad she acts like a true little... princess. As you can see she likes gold, like every curio quester


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                  IGN: Zach
                  ID: 3V3R
                  Desc: Many people underestimate the Tarticus do to it's appearance.
                  (Its sideways)


                  • s-wolff
                    s-wolff commented
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                    Lol pop tart

                • #15
                  IGN : Quark
                  ID : quarky
                  Description : Doodles : A gentle but mysterious curio that can travel across realities .