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  • Curio Coloring Contest: Inspire a Curio Skin (Closes May 20, 2016)


    The Inspire a Curio Skin coloring contest is back! Ignitar wants a little extra flare in his wardrobe, and it’s up to you to design his new look. Does he need a tuxedo? A neon glow? Sheep’s clothing? May is the month of the Taurus, so help this bull celebrate by inspiring his new skin.

    The winner will earn Ignitar and (temporarily) exclusive rights to the skin they’ve helped designed. The winning skin will eventually be offered in shop once its designer has had a chance to show off to their friends and foes.

    The winning entry will be selected on Friday, May 27, 2016.


    The picture above shows his current coloring, but you can use the line-art

    as your own personal coloring page! You can use a program with coloring function (such as ms paint, photoshop, etc), or print it out and use good ol’ fashioned crayons/ markers/ pencils, and then scan it in!

    Our art team will use the winning entry as inspiration for Ignitar’s new look!

    • You're allowed to have one (1) entry in the contest.
    • Enter by replying to this thread.
      • This thread will lock once the contest is over.
    • Do not make additional threads for your entries.
    • Any additional threads created to submit entries will be deleted and their submissions invalid.
    • Use an image-hosting site such as to host your image and post the link in your entry.
    • Your entry must include:
      • Your IGN:
      • Your Player ID:
    • Entries must be submitted by May 20, 2015 at 23:59 GMT.
    • Do not create a new curio concept or inspiration art piece. Use the line-art that we have provided.
    • Your entry must be your own original concept for Ignitar’s new skin.
    • You may not copy anyone else's copyrighted material (this includes using copyrighted images within the skin).
    • If your image infringes upon a copyright, it will be disqualified.
    • You may only submit your own art and descriptions that you personally have created.
    • We reserve the right to verify the originality of your entry’s art and writing via an internet search.
    • If it's not your sole work, your entry will be disqualified and all of your Curios will cry themselves to sleep at night.
    • By entering this contest, you are granting us a non-exclusive perpetual license to your entry to reference, reproduce, and alter as we see fit.
    • The decision of the Dev Judging Panel is final.
    So who wins this one? Our panel of Dev judges will be looking for the following things.
    • Adherence to the rules (even if you've got two great ideas, save one for next time!)
    • Concept originality (did you make a skin that was new and exciting?)
    • Effort put forth (did you take your time to color in the lines, pick sympathetic shades, etc?)
    • Concept cohesion (does the idea of what you've put together make sense?)
    The thing everyone wants to know about!
    • All valid entrants will 100 gems.
    • Our five favorite entries will get an additional 400 gems.
    • The Grand-Prize winner’s entry will be used as inspiration for Ignitar’s new skin, which they will be awarded (along with an Ignitar to wear it) when it becomes part of the game!
    Share the news with this link:
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      • Your IGN: Angel
      • Your Player ID: 2s
      my pic is here i have done some modification please guys rate it
      Last edited by bradford; May 21st, 2016, 03:51 AM.


      • Mjoern
        Mjoern commented
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        very nice!

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      My first redisign!

      IGN: PixelCreeper007
      ID: PixCreep

      Statue Ignitar:

      Hope you like it!
      Last edited by PixelCreeper007; April 30th, 2016, 11:16 AM. Reason: Im new at redisign, so if I win with my 0,001 %, will some shadows will be added? Cuz its an idea too, it need more things. Thanks


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        Hope you like it!!!!
        Last edited by; April 30th, 2016, 12:33 PM. Reason: The Image was too little


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          Here's Mine!!
          Hope you like it


          Here is Ignitar!!


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            IGN: Wall
            ID: T6DBJYL5TITR


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            My IGN: 0-Cozta-0
            My ID: Boyd


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            IGN: Alusha
            ID: AzureNight



            • Mjoern
              Mjoern commented
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              I love this color theme

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            Not bad in my oppinion. Looks a bit " Foggy " tough. But still great!


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              *MOD*Starlight | Princess_Starlight

              Dark Ignitar

              I decided to hand draw... He's much harder to draw than he looks :/
              Last edited by Starlight; May 5th, 2016, 01:30 AM. Reason: because reasons.... .-.


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              ign Samsara Id Sunflower78

              Last edited by Samsara; May 7th, 2016, 09:28 AM. Reason: to add link


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                ign: Ozzy
                player id: OZDAWG



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                  Ign *mod*boltgryphon
                  Mute feathers

                  Gem ignitar is made of emeralds pearls and alexandrite which are may and June's birthstones which the zodiac sign of Taurus spans over.
                  His armor is made of gold and rubies and his hooves horn tips and weapon are diamonds which are the hardest thing on earth and pack a huge punch.(er smash). Gem ignitar loves his wealth and riches.


                  • bradford
                    bradford commented
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                    mod bolt nice one and ure looks strong

                  • PixelCreeper007
                    PixelCreeper007 commented
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                    Nice idea!

                  • Alusha
                    Alusha commented
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                    Love your creativity on this. The Taurus symbol is a great addition!

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                  • bradford
                    bradford commented
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                    tere are no shades please put shades it will look better