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    Hey Curio Questers! Thanks for your patience as we went over all of your amazing entries!

    All VALID entries (ones that only used original art and contained all of the required components listed in the OP) have gotten their participation reward.

    Our Six Runners up (as there was a tie in here) are:
    yogi meycelindo
    Jerry Chin

    and our winner is Vendicia!

    Congrats to everyone and stay safe this Halloween!
    Happy Gaming!
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    • Jerry Chin
      Jerry Chin commented
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      1) What is the reward? I didn't get it
      2) that is no fair because some of the drawer are better then mine :'(

    • DieValie
      DieValie commented
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      Congratulations to all of you. =) I'm actually kind of disappointed in myself for not winning... ever. =/ So yeah.
      Special grats to Vendi, who drew that flipping awesome Gustwing last-minute. =)

    • DieValie
      DieValie commented
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      I don't even care about not getting the prizes, i don't even want them that much althought they are pretty useful for a not-pay-to-win-loser with not 1 Mithic(Yes, i said that), that's why i entered with a 4*, aside from the fact that i liked the concept of Aereus.
      Sorry, but i just really want to get some response on why i didn't win, or what i did wrong, or what was too much of the good to improve myself and get some distraction from personal problems at home. =/
      Thanks for responding if you are even going to do something like that (No offence, there are more poeple who don't). =)

      I remembered it's called feedback... Yep, this was added later on
      Last edited by DieValie; November 4th, 2015, 08:38 PM. Reason: Added the last line. XD

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    Thank you so much DieValie! n_n And, to be honest, you sound EXACTLY like me in the previous Inspire A Curio contest. I PMd Mimzy with the exact same questions and comments. So don't feel bad. I was wondering if you would be okay if I PMd you directly because I wanted to share some insight with you about your questions. I may be able to enlighten you. I wanted to ask your permission first before randomly PMing you. Let me know, or PM me, which would be even better. I would get back to you quicker. Or you may add me as a friend in game, ID is Vendicia. ^.^


    • DieValie
      DieValie commented
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      I don't know how to PM you, and thanks for the reply. =D (At least from you, =P) I sent you a friend request (In-game) under the name you may have already seen. =D