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  • Curio Costume Contest!

    Hey there Curio Questers! While our panel of Dev judges is hard at work choosing a winner from the Anniversary’s “Inspire a Curio Contest,” we wanted to give you a way to celebrate the upcoming spooky holiday!

    The addition of Curio Skins means you can personalize your Curio to look extra awesome while kicking Legionnaire tail! This time around, we want you to pick whichever Curio you want and make a fantastic Halloween Costume for it!

    We have a repository of most Curio art that you can use available here. Choose a Curio and make an awe-inspiring costume for it that we can turn into an in-game Skin for that Curio! You can use a program with coloring function (such as ms paint, photoshop, etc), or print it out and use good ol’ fashioned crayons/ markers/ pencils, and then scan it in!

    Our art team will use the winning entry as inspiration for the winning Curio’s new skin!

    The Rules
    • You're allowed to have one (1) entry in the contest.
    • Enter by replying to this thread.
      • This thread will lock once the contest is over.
      • Do not make additional threads for your entries.
      • Any additional threads created to submit entries will be deleted and their submissions invalid.
    • Your entry must include:
      • Your IGN:
      • Your Player ID:
      • A picture of a current Curio with some kind of visual change that represents a costume and can be turned into a Skin.
    • Entries must be submitted by October 16, 2015 at 23:59 GMT.
    • Do not create a new curio concept or inspiration art piece. Use a currently existing Curio.
    • Your entry must be your own original concept for the Curio’s new skin.
      • You may not copy anyone else's copyrighted material (this includes using copyrighted images within the skin).
      • If your image infringes upon a copyright, it will be disqualified.
    • You may only submit your own art and descriptions that you personally have created.
      • We reserve the right to verify the originality of your entry’s art and writing via an internet search.
      • If it's not your sole work, your entry will be disqualified and all of your Curios will cry themselves to sleep at night.
    • By entering this contest, you are granting us a non-exclusive perpetual license to your entry to reference, reproduce, and alter as we see fit.
    • The decision of the Dev Judging Panel is final.
    Embedding Pictures
    Since many people seem to have had issues loading pictures on the forums, let’s do a quick tutorial on the best way to embed pictures here on the CQ forum.
    How to Embed a Picture
    • Once you have your picture file saved, go to
    • Click on the blue “upload images” button at the top of the screen.
    • Either drag and drop the file, or find it by browsing on your computer.
    • Click “Start Upload.”
    • Once the upload is complete, there will be a section on the side with different links.
    • Copy the “BBCode (Forums)” link, which will have “[img]” at the front and “[/img]” at the back.
    • Paste that whole link in your entry, remembering to include your IGN and Player ID.
    • Post as usual.

    Sample Entry
    My IGN: Mimzy
    My Player ID: mimzy5pg

    My [sample] entry is Ballerina Fritter!

    Art Note
    The entry that wins will have the art spruced up to match the general art style for Curio Quest.

    So who wins this one? Our panel of Dev judges will be looking for the following things.
    • Adherence to the rules (even if you've got two great ideas, save one for next time!)
    • Concept originality (did you make a skin that was new and exciting?)
    • Effort put forth (did you take your time to color in the lines, pick sympathetic shades, etc?)
    • Concept cohesion (does the idea of what you've put together make sense?)
    The thing everyone wants to know about!
    • All valid entrants will get a Damage Healing Boost.
    • Our five favorite entries will get a Greater Kinetic Absorb Boost.
    • The Grand-Prize winner’s entry will be used as inspiration for their chosen Curio’s new skin, which they will be awarded (along with the Curio to wear it) when it becomes part of the game!
    Share the news with this link:
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    • RTRUTH
      RTRUTH commented
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      horrible please nooo

    • tspite
      tspite commented
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      I think it's cute :}

  • #3
    My IGN: Exwhyzed
    My Player ID: exyz

    My entry is “A Nightmare on Erebus Street”

    However if this name infringes on any copyright on a popular 1984 movie I could change it to;

    “A Rather Scary Dream on Erebus Avenue”


    “An Unpleasant Night’s Rest on Erebus Cul-de-sac”


    • RTRUTH
      RTRUTH commented
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      this is eggciting

  • #4
    My IGN: Faez
    ID Player: curiosity

    My entry is 'Neon Hollow Foleaf'.
    Last edited by curiosity; October 2nd, 2015, 10:05 AM.


    • Mimzy
      Mimzy commented
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      Hey Faez, I can't see your picture - could you please follow the directions in the OP under "Embedding Pictures"?

  • #5
    IGN: Tsuki
    Player ID: DQTHQT1

    Tuxedo Ignitar

    Last edited by Tur; October 3rd, 2015, 05:18 AM. Reason: added some details in the artwork


    • Vendicia
      Vendicia commented
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      Tsuki, I love this idea! Only thought I would have tried to implement is to change his mace into a gavel but keep some of the spikes on it. Just a thought? But even without, this idea rocks!

    • Valkyrie Randgris
      Valkyrie Randgris commented
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      OMG, Mafia Ignitar haha
      Nice design bro !

    • DieValie
      DieValie commented
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      Really cool! Don't ask me why, but this Ingi kind of reminded me of: (Capricorn, Fairy Tail character.) XD
      Last edited by DieValie; October 12th, 2015, 09:45 PM. Reason: Typo

  • #6
    My Player ID: CrazyJune

    My Entry is Vamp Deputar


    • Gop
      Gop commented
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      Although Vampire Deputar looks scary, But I think it is good! Nice drawing!

  • #7
    Hey Mimzy, I want to make a skin for jawroger. ( evo 3 ) but I don't know how to put the colors on him without taking away the shading or lines. is there a transparent one of the line art I could use?? thanks :3


    • #8
      Teenage Mutant Ninja Rokisaur!

      IGN : JackofSpades83
      ID: 46and2


      • DieValie
        DieValie commented
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        Very funny. =D I think i'd give it a nice 8/10.

      • Vendicia
        Vendicia commented
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        Concept is great!! Wish I came up with that haha.

    • #9

      aureus reaper
      Last edited by Mimzy; October 3rd, 2015, 05:00 AM. Reason: embedded image


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        Last edited by tspite; October 17th, 2015, 01:41 AM. Reason: i thought gmt was cali time midnight if thats new free hand of an Axed in a pajama Blue costume


        • Vendicia
          Vendicia commented
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          Adorable. A curio dressed up as another curio. Couldn't be more original, Ricky!

        • ShadowJr
          ShadowJr commented
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          I love this one, hope it wins!!

      • #11
        IGN: cristian
        ID: CRISCQ1

        !Jason twitch! ^_^
        Last edited by crisCQ777; October 2nd, 2015, 11:23 PM.


        • #12
          ID: Ignus
          IGN : Ignus

          Boxing Grogimus ( or dev choice)
          Note: - Dev may redesign & Recolor

          Link :

          Last edited by Valkyrie Randgris; October 3rd, 2015, 04:19 PM. Reason: Redesign, add some details


          • Tur
            Tur commented
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            Oh my god, that giant fists=D

        • #13
          IGN: Shomandote
          ID: shomandotetasa
          Yeteen Potter

          Last edited by Mimzy; October 12th, 2015, 07:25 PM. Reason: embedded image


          • #14
            IGN: SonOfGod
            id: ANGGELO

            Aesalon Gold Fixtures,
            Last edited by Mimzy; October 12th, 2015, 07:26 PM. Reason: embedded image


            • DieValie
              DieValie commented
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              Cool, this reminds me of that anime: Evangelion. Because of the awesome Robot-structure-like looks! Cool! You've got my vote! =P

          • #15
            IGN: LuckyClofer
            ID: vinzsoap

            just Cartoon AMP

            Last edited by Mimzy; October 12th, 2015, 07:27 PM. Reason: embedded image