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    IGN : ibex

    ID : maneesh

    Omnitar,the brother of ignitar.Has the power of electricity and it sparks can destroy mountains.


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      IGN : jagadeesh

      id : jagadeesh

      Shadowkin,a dark flame emitting dragon known to be the pet of Hades.It emits dark flames on it's head and back constantly until it dies.


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        IGN : Mjoern

        ID : Mjoern

        Curio Name : Plasmacoatl

        It is said that when a PLasmacoatl strikes the attack can be seen several seconds before it can be heard from very distant points.

        (References : Eel, Quetzalcoatl, Kadabra (mostly visible in the early draft on paper), Frieza (mostly visible in the early draft on paper), Something I saw a while back I think in the Monster Hunter franchise.)

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        • StrikerEureaka
          StrikerEureaka commented
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          That curios Amazing!!!!!

        • Saberklaww
          Saberklaww commented
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          Very neat design,would make a cool electric Curio

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        Hey there Curio Questers! We haven't picked a winner quite yet, but the Ultimate Water Damage Enhancements for participation have been awarded!


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          Hi Curio Questers!

          Thanks for your patience as we sorted out a winner for amongst all of your fantastic entries! You guys did some amazing art with some super-cool ideas, so here's a round of highfives for all of you!

          Our runners up this time around are:
          Saberklaww with Obsidiyena
          crisCQ777 with Solaris
          Moonrise09 with Skloud
          EmpShadowX with Growgler
          Madmole with Starnight

          And our Grand Prize winner is:
          Khado with Terobalt

          Congratulations to everyone who participated! Thanks for helping us make Curio Quest such an awesome game!

          Happy Gaming!