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  • Inspire a Curio Contest 2.0! (Closes September 30)

    Hi there Curio Questers!

    Since you all loved the “Inspire a Curio” Contest so much, we figure the Anniversary is a great time to do it again! Let’s go over the rules, which haven’t changed much from last time.

    Our Curios are all unique and the way they look (cute, wacky, or just plain awesome) give them a personality. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to inspire how a new Curio will look! Your submission can include both pictures and descriptions of what the Curio will look like (not what it does, what rarity it is, etc - we’ll take care of that part). If your idea is clearly of a certain element, you can include that, too. Our art team will use the winning entry as inspiration for a new Curio!

    • You're allowed to have one (1) entry in the contest.
    • Your entry must include:
      • Your IGN:
      • Your Player ID:
    • Entries must be submitted by September 30, 2015.
    • Do not include numbers, skill names, rarity, etc.
    • Your entry must be your own original concept for a max evolution Curio.
      • You may not copy anyone else's copyrighted material.
      • If your image infringes upon a copyright, it will be disqualified.
    • You may only submit your own art and descriptions that you personally have created.
      • We reserve to verify the originality of your entry’s art and writing via an internet search.
      • If it's not, your entry will be disqualified and all of your Curios will cry themselves to sleep at night.
    • By entering this contest, you are granting us a non-exclusive perpetual license to your entry to reference, reproduce, and alter as we see fit.
    • The decision of the Dev Judging Panel is final.
    • If you submitted an entry for the last Inspire a Curio Contest and didn’t win, you can use the same entry, but you may want to take a look at your entry and improve on it so you have a better shot this time.
    • Take a look at the type of Curios currently in the game; while many ideas are good, sometimes they don’t fit in with the rest of the Curios currently in-game. Most Curios are animalistic or plantlike, and very few are humanoid. You’ve got a better chance of your entry being chosen if it fits in with the type of Curios that already exist.
    Embedding Pictures
    Since many people seem to have had issues loading pictures on the forums for the Blastek Reskin Contest, let’s do a quick tutorial on the best way to embed pictures here on the CQ forum.
    How to Embed a Picture
    1. Once you have your picture file saved, go to
    2. Click on the blue “upload images” button at the top of the screen.
    3. Either drag and drop the file, or find it by browsing on your computer.
    4. Click “Start Upload.”
    5. Once the upload is complete, there will be a section on the right side with different links.
    6. Copy the “BBCode” link, which will have “[img]” at the front and “[/img]” at the back.
    7. Paste that whole link in your entry, remembering to include your IGN and Player ID.
    8. Post as usual.

    Sample Entry
    My IGN: Mimzy
    My Player ID: mimzy5pg

    My [sample] entry is the mighty BEAVIGATOR. He builds dams in rivers and streams and eats any prey that is foolish enough to come near the banks of his home, so he should be a water curio.

    So who wins this one? Our panel of Dev judges will be looking for the following things.
    • Adherence to the rules
    • Concept originality
    • Effort put forth
    • Concept cohesion
    • Concept “fit” within the game universe
    The thing everyone wants to know about!
    • All valid entrants will get an Ultimate water damage enhancement.
    • Our five favorite entries will get Stella and a Briar Boost.
    • The Grand-Prize winner’s entry will be used to create a new Curio, which they will be awarded when it becomes part of the game
    One last side-note: all non-entry posts in this thread will be moved to a separate chatter thread to ensure that entries are easy to find.

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    I want him to be a light wolf to go with the dark wolf shylewouf
    *mod*cloudwolff id: tigerclaws


    • Mimzy
      Mimzy commented
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      Actual cannibal Shylewouf

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    Myplayer ID: hamawesome432


    my curio's name: levithor

    Levithator lives in cold caves. they can be pretty brutal. It uses its two tails to hypnotise its prey.

    Last edited by Mimzy; September 11th, 2015, 05:17 PM. Reason: embedded image


    • Mimzy
      Mimzy commented
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      Hey Hama, I can't see your picture - could you please follow the directions in the OP under "Embedding Pictures"?

    • Mimzy
      Mimzy commented
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      Awesome thanks!

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    • Mimzy
      Mimzy commented
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      Hey TGO, I can't see your picture - could you please follow the directions in the OP under "Embedding Pictures"?

    • Mimzy
      Mimzy commented
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      I'm also seeing three players with your IGN and none of them have that player ID - please copy and paste your player ID from your profile in-game.

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    The Mirrorkat's calm and timid nature belies its mischievious eyes and cunning smile. This curio is highly sought out for the destiny diamond in its forehead, which as legend has it, bestows great blessing upon its owner. When in danger the Mirrorkat will use the beautifully ornate mirror on its midsection to dazzle its aggressors with complex illusions and mimicry.

    My player id: ninjafurby
    My Ign: ninjafurbyninja


    • #6
      My entry is the assasin Flybot
      She kills for her freedom and fly for her dreams
      Dont dare to hunt her because youll just fall for her charm

      My PLAYER ID: Shen

      Last edited by DRILESHIM; September 11th, 2015, 07:43 AM.


      • Mimzy
        Mimzy commented
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        Hey Dril, you haven't included your player ID and/or your in-game name. I also can't see your picture (if you have one) - could you please follow the directions in the OP under "Embedding Pictures"?

    • #7
      IGN: Inu
      PlayerID: BaconBunny

      This is Skloud. In rare occurrences, they come down to earth to look around. They are very social and friendly creatures. As they age, they lose their lighter colors.
      Last edited by Moonrise09; September 10th, 2015, 04:50 AM.


      • #8
        My entry is Growgler. He is a [Earth Type] curio who spends his time wondering the desert. When bored, Growgler loves to entertain himself by putting on his own lightening show which has been known to be seen by villages close by. Growgler is a Earth Type with both earth and lightening attributes. My Player ID: ShadowX My IGN: Q314489VDH2


        • ibex
          ibex commented
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          hey i think this is an inspiration from pokemon or a pokemon itself.Can't remember the name properly,lol

        • F£D£R1C0
          F£D£R1C0 commented
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          yeah it looks a bit sandslash, but only because he reminds a mole. This is really great and original

        • Caer
          Caer commented
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          This is awesome!

      • #9
        IGN : qOADOp
        ID : AndreanDe

        Curio Name : SyncWouf
        I get Idea From Blaster

        Link :
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        • #10
          IGN: F3D3R1C0
          ID: F3D3R1C0
          I've called it Lucernis and it's a light or dark curio.
          A long time ago Lucernis lived in the depths of the Earth, sorrounded by darkness, which he believed his only source of energy. Due to a fracture of the Earth's crust, caused by a cataclysm, Lucernis left his den to explore the new world, discovering a new source of energy: the light. Since then his body has undergone changes to adapt to the new conditions of life, becoming a fierce predator.
          Born from darkness, Lucernis absorbed the sunlight which increased its strength.
          Last edited by Mimzy; September 10th, 2015, 05:34 PM. Reason: embedded image


          • ShadowJr
            ShadowJr commented
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            I love this one!!

          • 00ALE00
            00ALE00 commented
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            Nice one!!

          • Lahash
            Lahash commented
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            This is amazing!

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          Curio Name:Cookie Monster


          • Mimzy
            Mimzy commented
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            Heya Tat, it looks like you didn't include a picture or description of your idea; please edit your post to include one or both before the contest ends for your entry to be considered valid.

        • #12
          Mi ign: kent My id: keent Curio name: Jokes. He loves to joke and therefore never know what to expect


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            IGN: eurostars
            ID: eurostars2
            6 hours ago


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            • stefano1990
              stefano1990 commented
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              love this one

            • F£D£R1C0
              F£D£R1C0 commented
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              In my opinion this look like an electric type

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            this is a phisical curio
            metrodon comes from a planet named garvian where they hold a powerfull gem in the middle of the planet which without it metrodons are not under controll


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              IGN: TIM
              ID: FV1962S8

              Hope you like it