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    My name in the game is Jon. As I'm Irish, and paddys day is coming up, my idea has a celtic theme. He would be called LepraStorm, and it would be a leprechaun in a twister that might be rainbow colored. And when he gets hit, gold splashed out. My picture is pretty bad but it's the best I could do on the drawing app...... And it's too big to upload but I'll try again in a second.


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    It's too big...... It's basically a rainbow colored twister, with a green leprechaun sitting in it. I'm thinking the twister would be swaying back and forth and the little green man would be a bit menacing...... You could roll it out for paddys day!!!!!


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      Oh, and LepraStorm would be air or water, I think.


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        My IGN: Arika
        My Player ID: Arika

        Curio Name: Eguator

        Physical Description: This curio is a blue and green alligator with its tail curled up behind it. Between the tip of the tail and resting on its back, lies a small planet that rotates clockwise. Along the globe is a line that appears and disappears.

        Curio Concept: The concept of this curio is the combination of equator of a planet and an alligator. Thus the origin of the name comes from Equator + Alligator. I was also considering Egator, which also could work too. This creature moves in a counter clockwise fashion while stalking its prey. It would probably be either a physical, earth, and/or water type since it would use the small planet to attack potentially also gaining whatever elements are part of that planet.


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          I realized by doing this how bad my creative skills are and how awful my digital imagery skills are.

          IGN: K3rr0s
          Player ID: K3rr0s

          Okey so imagine Casper but not so friendly. I bring you Shade. Shade would be an air curio with dark moves as well. He lives in the shadows and is rarely seen and is incredible hard to hit. He is immune to physical attacks and must be attacked by magic. He is incredible weak to sunlight and has to hide in basements and far deeps of the planet to survive until it is dark again. Shade drains the life right out of his opponent making them become weaker as a struggle against this curio continues. He doesn't have much for defenses and usually preys on physical curios to sustain him own life. Even the most simple of magic will frighten this curio to run off and fight another day. He likes to torment and prey on the victims mind while he extracts their life force. Don't get caught in the darkness alone with this curio as you'll be lucky to experience a quick death before he kills you and starts to look for your curios next.


          • tzolak
            tzolak commented
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            Looks a lot like Ghastly from pokemon... O_o

          • K3rr0s
            K3rr0s commented
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            Hmm I was going for a noob saibot into a curio approach.

          • Urza
            Urza commented
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            Gastly? Is that you?

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          IGN - Cozta ID - Boyd Name of Curio - Demon Blaze Element - Fire Description: From the firery depths of hell Demon Blaze has risen to conquer all other curios.


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            As soon as i heard about this contest i thought of an werewolf like curio.
            than i met a pigale.. and the idea was a Were-Woolio!


            I'm not good at making designs.. though the idea is this..
            Once a Pigale got away from a werewolf, he evolved into Were-Woolio!

            Player XslakeX
            ID xslakex
            Last edited by xslakex; March 4th, 2015, 01:15 AM.


            • Mimzy
              Mimzy commented
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              Hey Slake! Thanks for you your entry - would you please include your IGN and Player ID so it can count for the contest?

            • xslakex
              xslakex commented
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              Charactername :XslakeX
              Player ID : XslakeX

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            IGN: Gajinder
            Player ID: PWNEDD

            Curio Name: Beeterc

            Description: Gifted with incredible strength and astounding combat skills, Beeterc can single-handedly defeat armies without much effort.

            He didn't turn out nearly as cool as what I had in mind, though. lol


            • Gajinder
              Gajinder commented
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              Mehh, I'll see... I'll maybe draw another one if I feel like it or just participate next time

            • Natasha
              Natasha commented
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              this is still my favorite...from my opinion (that just my two persons may may draw a picture of the same species (eg Two dogs ...but one can be described differently from the other or may have attributes that is different from the other that would make him unique. We should not get too harsh with the drawing but just enjoy and be encouraging.....

            • Gajinder
              Gajinder commented
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              Thanks for your support, Natasha! Well, we'll have to wait for a developer to step in, I guess...

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            IGN: jwilk10
            Player ID: jwilk10

            Type: Strength
            Description: Once a star in many action films, Governataur has become a true dictator, who will crush anything and everything.
            Backstory: The Governator is a centaur who always had a passion for displaying his physical dominance. He began competing in athletic events at a very early age, and was soon the most feared centaur in his tribe. Before long, winning competitions wasn't enough, and he moved to Hollywood to showcase his strengths for a global audience.

            I am a horrible artist, but basically, he would be a black centaur with a massive upper body. My thoughts are that he could possibly be the first strength-type legendary

            Some ideas for moves would be:
            Flex-Governator flexes and all enemy curios cower, resulting in 25-50% extra damage taken for 2 turns
            Body slam- Governator leaps high above the opponent and crashes down on them with all of his force, dealing 1200-2000 physical damage and has a chance to stun them for 1 turn. (possible recoil damage here)
            Taunt-Governator calls his enemy out, sending them into a blind rage. Their attacks do an increased 50% damage, but accuracy is reduced by 50%
            Roid Rage- Governator goes into a fury and attacks 5 times, hitting random enemy curios for 200-400 damage per hit. ~70% accuracy
            Mule kick- Governator turns his back on his enemy for a turn, resulting in him being snared/unable to attack for a turn, before sending them flying with a powerful backwards kick for 1800-2700 physical damage. (have to put something in there for his horse-half)

            Just some ideas, I would love to see a Strength-type legendary!


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              IGN: Naranjito78 Player ID: LeBRIMNQC Curio Name: Curiotaure Type: Physical (not many out there) Description: Greek Mythology beast with body of man and head of bull with added battle axe. Artwork needs work i know.
              Attached Files


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                IGN: Alkara
                Player ID: Alkara
                Curio Name: Shelobia
                Curio Type: Dark

                Shelobia is a Shadow Spider. Known for their dark poison and darker ways, capturing and training a Shadow Spider is no easy feat. They have been known to attack their masters and fellow curios. If, however, they can be fully trained, they can prove to be strong and loyal.
                Last edited by Alkara; March 6th, 2015, 06:59 AM.


                • tzolak
                  tzolak commented
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                  Really cool idea....kinda creepy too :P

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                IGN: TeacupTempest
                ID: VRWUELE385E7

                My idea is for an earth type curio named Quaker, based off a quaking aspen. My drawing skills are nonexistent, but my the picture I have in my head for the max level evolution is a grove of trees since aspens do grow clustered together.
                Aspens grow in clonal colonies that get massive, the biggest is an estimated 6 million kilograms and 80,000 years old. They are called quaking aspens because in the wind the flat stems on the leaves make them move in a unique way, causing the tree to appear as if it is quaking.
                It would be cool to have each evolution of the curio show the grove growing, but along with the stats and rankings, that's completely up to the devs per the contest rules. Just a thought.
                Last edited by TeacupTempest; March 7th, 2015, 07:22 AM.


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                  IGN: derrabe
                  Player ID: derrabe

                  Curio: Arch-angel
                  Type: Probably light maybe air
                  evolution 1: Cherub like winged humanoid baby with a bow or knife
                  evolution 2: Adult Angel with a standard battle sword
                  evolution 3: Large Angel with burning wings and a flaming sword


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                    Hi, this is my entry of a cat-like curio that I call Saimise.
                    IGN: Nasim
                    Player ID: Nasim
                    The name Saimise, if you did not know, comes from the word "Saimese" and "Demise." He is based off a cat, and took a while to draw. I tried to give him appearance: the fangs, claws, tail, eyes, and shard.
                    -Saimise comes from a world where they are at the top of the food chain.
                    -Through DNA replication, scientist were able ti revive this beast and said the word "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
                    -Warning: Saimise do not make good pets due to their furiousity
                    -Saimise's claws are sharper than steel and are above diamonds in the hardness scale.


                    • LanderZ
                      LanderZ commented
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                      Just throwing this out there, but wouldn't "Siamise" meet the name standards better [Siamese + Demise]?

                      Wicked image though =D

                    • Nasimb505
                      Nasimb505 commented
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                      You are absolutely right. Grammer mistake. I will fix it, hopefully. Thanks for the eye.

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                    My IGN : wahidalex
                    My Player ID : wahidalex
                    Curio name : Kongiron

                    Description :
                    The conseps is fuse Ironman and Kingkong, Kongiron was robot create in laboratory using DNA gorila. Strengten with Superstrengt Arm, Super Armor and Eye can shoot Laser Beam. i think Kongiron should be a Pysical curio or Electric of course with some modification on colours. the move while attack should be slam his chest like kingkong. that will be great.

                    Story :
                    Guardian of ancient laboratory has a strong arm and eye beam also love bananas

                    I think Kongiron should be like this :