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  • A Mods Job

    Being a mod for a year and a half and a player of 2 years i know the struggles players face however alot of players mistake what the job of a mod really is with what they think we can or should have to do. The job and capabilities of a mod are limited to world chat and muting players we do not/can not

    ban players
    Make changes in the game we are not devs
    Monitor pm chats or club chats
    It is not our responsbility to provide curio information
    We are not required to reveal ourselves in chat unless someone is breaking chat tos

    If a player has an issue through a pm/club chat you must take a screen shot and send it through a support ticket or contact a dev through a pm on here
    if you have any game ideas or suggestions or complaints post them here in the forums
    Any player can just as easily give you curio advice it is not up to the mods to do so

    A mod is a mere world chat guardian to keep it clean fun and free of harassment so that everyone of all ages may enjoy its use
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    El trabajo de un mod

    Siendo mod por un año y medio,y un jugador de 2 años,yo se los problemas que los jugadores enfrentan,sin embargo muchos de los jugadores realmente confunden el trabajo de un mod,y es por lo que piensan que podemos o debemos hacer,El trabajo y capacidades de un mod se limitan al chat global y a mutear jugadores,nosotros no podemos

    Banear jugadores
    Hacer cambios en el juego porque no somos devs
    Monitorear los chats privados o los chats del club
    No es nuestra responsabilidad proporcionar informacion Acerca de los curios (dar skill sets)
    No estamos obligados a revelarnos en el chat a menos de que alguien este rompiendo el tos (reglas del juego)

    Si un jugador tiene un problema por el chat privado o el chat del club,debe de tomar una foto y enviarla mediante un ticket a support o ponerse en contacto con un dev a traves de un msj privado aqui en el foro.
    si tienes alguna idea o sugerencias acerca del juego las puedes publicar aqui en el foro.
    cualquier jugador puede darle facilmente consejos acerca de los curios,los mods no estamos para hacer eso.

    Los mods solo somos guardianes del chat global para mantenerlo limpio y libre de acoso para que todos los jugadores de diferentes edades puedan disfrutar de su uso.


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      I want to be a MOD player


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        Goob has total lost it and abuses his chat moderator powers and chat bans anyone that disagrees with him.. All I said he was wrong about geostaver being a hacker. and He Banned me from chat for 9 years.. He also did that to another player named Dude for saying same thing. Goob needs to be removed and apologize to people, Goob is a Bully. And is a lousy Chat moderator, Never have I seen such abuse of power in a game , I did nothing wrong, Only stated Goob you are wrong, I was on when geostaer the player said he wished he had a hack because others do .. That is not saying he is hacking Goob is wrong, geostaver, Dude and geeOh needs to be un-banned from chat, and Goob needs to be replaced and moderators told 9 year chat bans and banning people from chat with no actual proof, and being a bully and chat banning people just because they not agree with you will get you fired.

        Ok just did a complete computer check on Geostaver, because we live in same state and with in 6 miles of each other. He is close friend, I know for fact he does not Hack. Goob you are wrong and need to be removed. Period!! You a Bully. I am still Banned from chat along with Dude, just because we told you.. YOU ARE WRONG... People, Devs or who ever Fix this Issue before Goob ruins this game any further.
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          Well looks like Devs or who ever running this game just does not care.. Really could be a better game, Chat Mod Goob still is rude little boy and a bully. He thinks,since there is no one to correct his 2 faced behavior. Chat bans those who stand up to him and tells him he is wrong on a issue. And when people are flaming, cussing, making sexual remarks, flooding chat, speaking in foreign language a lot, Goob just is not heard of and I know he is around cause at times it happens when I see his name in chat. Devs or someone that runs game need to be online at times, secretly to monitor Bad Chat Mods abd the not doing what they suppose to do. And NOT chat banning people 9 years for something they did NOT do. Me for one, all I said "Goob you wrong for muting player Geostaver" and I get chat banned. Than a player called Dude said same thing and got chat banned. Other called into question same thing, have not seen them in chat since than.. I want my Chat back, I did no wrong, Dude did no wrong, and Geostaver is not a hacker. Now Goob is wrong and bad chat moderator, remove Goob or watch game get smaller..


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            well I see why many online games suffer. When Devs--Chat moderators dont care about anything and abuse their powers. Me and Dude still muted for no reason what so ever in chat. Zero percent. When a few people see the chat mod, doing a bad thing and tells him that not right, That is no reason to mute 9 years. Also another player geostaver who is not a hacker, he only said in frustration " he wished he had one" because it seems alot of people do. and whoever else that got banned forever dont be scared and say something. Nothing will change unless you say and do something.. Goob the chat moderator needs to lose his position, and people need to have there right to speak in chat again.. I will never spend any cash in a game that allows such rotten Mods and no action against them as they did to people. Just to be a Chat Bully Mod. CONGRADULATIONS!! You lose any chance for cash customers. Not just me--Dude--Geostaver BUT many others. I have Chat mod for a couple years and never ever done what Goob has in 9 year bans