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  • Idea for special Club War

    I have this idea when DEVS forgot to tell the names of curios that were boosted in PVP.
    I call this event a secret curios godly boosted CW.
    And this is how this idea only works with CW.
    First of all you need to create a level likes Difficulty 999 or something (which nobody even chaos can't beat it with normal team).
    Then secretly boosted some curios into the god level, which we need to help each others to find which one is boosted.

    - Makes CW more fun
    - Increases communicating among club members
    - Club chat will be on fire
    - Players with weak team also have a chance to make high scores
    - Beware of that Judas who will tell their friends in other clubs about boosted curios you found
    (but that will only make it more fun for me)

    Now suggestions
    - Boosted curios should come from random (to prevent player from guessing which one will be boosted, like Blue or Macrobe)
    - But they should placed in a balanced numbers from common to mythic
    - Since we can only use 6 curios, the number of total godly curios should be around 10 to 15
    - Make sure Void or double Void will not destroy this event (very important)
    - AI enemy curios must not be curios that players can obtain since enemies still got the boost too
    (even you only put curios that were not boosted as enemies, players will know which one is not boosted by this)
    - I miss the Elementalist Macrobes tho
    Now about the points (very important too)
    It should not be about beating the techs, because it will make this event immediately go down hill
    because there will be:
    - Must find all 6 boosted curios to have the progress, or
    - Only find one is enough
    But it should be likes 1 godly boosted found, you can beat at least 1 enemy, and it gives you like 1 tech in difficulty 200 (something like this)

    Now, that's such a long details idea, because I tried to think and fix in every ways that can make the event unbalanced.
    Anyway, that's all just the suggestions, you can make it happen, modify the idea, or even ignore it. It's up to you
    If you have any suggestion on how to improve it, what I forgot, or what do you thing, please let me know in comment.
    Thank you.
    Last edited by testbug01; November 11th, 2016, 04:53 AM.

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    I like what ur trying to achieve, needs to get a bit modified but its an interesting idea


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      Great idea, will be even greater if the boosts changes every bracket that would be an amazing fun


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        Really clever idea! Might take some extra work but we will see what we can do!