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  • Vasuki vs Xolotl.. Damage and utility Analysis

    I haven't used any of those curio yet.. I am just making this to decide which one I'll be using and help those that have to make this choice..


    standard stats (I wouldn't call that Max stats anymore devs..) : 1914/24 048/23/300 (healing not included, if you're a veteran you know why..)

    Rain fire is a 2/0 aoe.. avg 1830.. 850 over 4 turns
    Scorch is a 0/0 3540 fire dmg.. debuff 30% healing 1 turn (USELESS!)
    Combust is a 4/2 4575 fire dmg.. debuff -1 mana each time enemy curio deals dmg.. 2 turns.. (USELESS!)
    Flame break is a 3/1 6465 fire dmg.. heals all 820
    Shroud is a 3/3 4110 heal self + stun enemy and swap to RANDOM (awful) friendly curio..
    Cleave is a 1/0 2930 phys dmg .. deals 1950 phys dmg to inactive enemy curios
    Readiness is a 4/1 buff.. no dmg.. for 4 turns if Vasuki manage to actually defeat a enemy curio (that's not going to happen), Vasuki will get a +100% dmg buff for 2 turns (USELESS) and if Vasuki is defeated (which is going to happen.. a lot!) buff remaining team members for +50% heal and dmg for 4 turns..

    Note : it isn't clear whether you need to activate the buff by defeating an enemy curio before dying to activate the team buff by being defeated or if you just need to be defeated once you've used Readiness.. Likewise it's isn't clear what happens when you activate the +100% dmg and get defeated.. Is it still counted as a state of readiness which allows to either stack up on another +100% by defeating another curio or gives the +50% heal and dmg to team or is it not.. I would wager not..

    Obviously Readiness is going in our skill set.. always!
    The strategy is going to defend until you're in range to be killed and use readyness so that your more useful curios can benefit from a great buff..
    Okay more seriously..
    Readiness is obvious..
    Then we have Rain fire.. highest dmg although since it's both AoE and over time, the dmg compensation should have been greater..
    Then we have Cleave.. further aoe dmg
    Then we have flame break for its decent damage.. NOT FOR THE HEAL because it's crap.. it should have been something like "heals your curios for 10% of their health" like all heals are nowadays.. or give a standard healing stat of 10 to Vasuki and get the skill to have 1500% heal so that healing enhancement and raw stat healing boosts like adrenaline boosts make it good.. anyway the heal is useless..
    another interesting case is Shroud.. it would have been his best skill if it allowed to target friendly curio, that would have been one free turn even though Vasuki doesn't have any buff to baton pass to a team member except for Readiness that wouldn't work with Shroud anyway.. But as it seems to be random (it's not specified whether it is random or target, generally it means it's random.. again keep in mind I haven't tested these curios..)

    Let's not even speak about Combust.. terribly weak for a 4/2 skill
    and Scorch.. ew! just ew! if you spammed it against a Zephyros buffed with Purity.. despite that the healing debuff would affect purity healing, the damage from the several scorches wouldn't be able to surpass the healing from purity so useless.. completely and absolutely useless..

    so best skill set is :
    Readiness, Rainfire, Cleave and Flamebreak..

    Loose estimation of avg dmg per turn over an hypothetical infinite number of turns (taking cleansing likelyhood into account but not crits) : ~9000
    Best revenge kill : Rainfire > Flamebreak ~10 000 dmg on target on 2 turns.. (one of the worst you can find in the mythic meta..)

    Utility : Readiness team buff and decent AoE

    standard stats : 1748/20 700/25/120 (Again, healing not included.; it's very important to repeat it because Healing is repeatedly useless..)

    Ash cloud is a 4/3 aoe.. avg 2840 fire dmg.. 1870 over 4 turns
    Shock collar is a 3/2 5050 elec dmg.. with 75% stun
    Zap is a 2/0 6600 elec dmg.. restore 2 mana
    Electrifire is a 4/2 burn debuff .. 2785 fire for 3 turns and 3340 elec and fire on the fourth turn .. for 4 turns, target takes 50% extra fire and elec..
    Blitz is a 3/3 2320*3 elec dmg
    Ignition is a 1/1 4065 elec dmg.. *2 if the enemy curio is burning
    Flame bite is a 0/0 2390 fire dmg.. deals 1560 fire dmg over 3 turns..

    Flame bite and Ash cloud are considered damage over time and not Burn > Ignition only works along with Electrifire..
    Since Flame bite isn't mandatory thanks to Zap for at least one 0 mana skill and Ignition for high damage low CD move,
    Zap, Ignition and Electrifire are the staple..
    then either go the aoe way for highest total damage (and hitting Void and Zeph) with Ash cloud as 4th or the duelist way with either Shock collar or Blitz..
    Most of the time, Ash cloud will be simply too good to pass..

    So best skill set in general will be Ash cloud, Electrifire, Ignition and Zap..
    Another version may include Shock collar instead of Zap.. bonus being the ability to stun which is handy to buy time for the over time Aoe and malus being less damage, no 0 mana skill higher CD on the skill..

    Loose estimation of avg dmg per turn over an hypothetical infinite number of turns (taking cleansing likelyhood into account but not crits): ~17 000
    Best revenge kill : Electrifire > Ignition.. ~20 000 dmg on 2 turns
    Utility : extreme AoE

    Xolotl isn't just better.. Xolotl completely tramples Vasuki.. and Vasuki having 20% more HP doesn't help much when the damage difference is that overwhelming.. especially since having higher standard dmg stat makes Vasuki benefits less from an heroic striker..
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    ignition works with flame bite and ash cloud aswell, burning is a type of damage over time (DoT), they're not a different thing.

    Try not to compare thier skill base damage while the curios having different stat base, since journal/boosts will make vasuki's rain fire way better than ash cloud in dps when you take journal/boosts/boosted element event into account. Example: vasuki with fire attune (50%) + 30 % dmg journal --> gets 3445 dmg Xolotl with fire attune + 30% dmg journal --> 3146 as you can see thats almost 300 atck dmg difference.

    Keep in mind that rain fire has only 2 turns cd, while the skill last 4 turns, means you can stack this skill on 2nd turn for even more dmg. *this is all speculation, we still need to know ash cloud and rain fire potency, cause the gap might be higher or lower dpending if ash cloud uses higher multiple than rain fire.

    Shroud is a pretty good skill, its basically a free turn swap with heal, where noramlly a swaps implies a turn lose (unless you are called Void), but indeed this one is a situational skill.

    Interesting thing what you say about readyness, you should test it on live pvp and let us know!! i wouldnt be sorprised if it buffed you the 100% and 50% to the team after you die while buff still active, CQ tends to go with lazy coding way :P
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      Thanks for the input on the burn status of ash cloud and flame bite.. that makes Xolotl even more absurdly OP

      as for how journal and attune boost works you're wrong..

      Journal, rank token and fusion all works around percent of standard stats..
      Boosts like heroic striker and enhancement in general works by adding raw stats over the standard + fusion, rank and fusion..

      For example the dmg buff from heroic striker isn't going to be enhanced by journal, rank and fusion..

      Vasuki is in a situation where its standard dmg stats is above Xolotl's yet Xolotl's skills do more damage..
      Basically Vasuki is a 15 that deals 150 and Xolotl is a 10 that deals 200

      If you add +100% ( hypothetic journal + rank + fusion), that makes a 30 that deals 300 for Vasuki and a 20 that deals 400 for Xolotl..
      the gap in power doubled as their power doubled..

      now let's put an equivalent to the heroic striker in the equation so let's add +5 raw stat
      so Vasuki becomes a 35 that will then deal 350 and Xolotl, a 25 that will deal 500

      despite that they had the same raw stat bonus, the gap widened again by 50 points in favor of Xolotl..

      Now let's add an elemental attune boost..
      It's a 50% buff on effective stats rather than on standard stats..(like event specific boost, crits and skill based buffs.. it even stack with them unlike journal..)

      Vasuki as a 35 with attune becomes a 525 and Xolotl as a 25 with attune, becomes a 750!
      the gap just keep widening..

      The only stats that are good to have high are Health, mana and luck.. Healing and Damage are better low.. because they don't add to the skill's damage, they multiply it..
      if your skill damage is 10 and your damage stat is 1000, your effective damage will be 10 000
      If your skill damage is 1 and your damage stat is 6000, your effective damage will be 6000..

      And believe me, if we go through the same process than before with such an extreme example the gap will become really huge especially when I put Striker and enhancement..

      I think Space ape forgot all that when he buffed Xolotl and Merica.. he forgot that the standard stats and thus the skill damage shown in preview isn't the stats and damage that we use in game.. x'D
      Last edited by Mjoern; November 6th, 2016, 06:05 AM.