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    What are the best skill sets for Merika and Xolotl?

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    ash cloud,zap,shock collar and flame bite for xolotl,use the skills in that order


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      Swaggy, I use only 2 of the 4 skills that EL mentioned above and I always use Ash Cloud 4th, not 1st.
      (Why 4th? Primarily because I also use Void's Magnify skill on Xolotl and Ash Cloud is even more powerful on the 4th or 5th turn.)
      Best bet is to read the skill descriptions and think about them yourself. Try things out. See what works for you and your team.
      What someone else uses is always a good start, but part of the fun of this game is exploring what combinations are out there.
      Last edited by Zombie ExGirlfriend; November 4th, 2016, 06:01 AM.


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        I agree with Zombie that exploring all the powers is necessary because sometimes event boosts and other curios might best work with some other skill sets. But off course it helps to know basic skills and then go ahead. Good Luck


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          For Merika the staple is Bada Boom, Big Guns and Air Power..

          for the fourth skill, you can use pretty much any of the other depending on your team.. they are all good..


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            I agree with ZombExGF that you need to figure it out yourself AND that it depends on your team.

            But, to help you out, here's what I use for my Xolotl:

            Electrifire, Ash Cloud, Shock Collar, Zap (not ordered but usually start with Electrifire/Ash Cloud)

            Due to the cooldowns you have to defend a turn but the damage on each of these skills is really high. Swapping 1 of those for Flame Bite might help if you don't like to defend.

            Electrifire for bench killing a single curio you absolutely want dead; for me that's usually Void, enemy Xolotl or Scorp (so dark or fire mythics, or highest fusion as you obviously can't see what the bench curios are).

            Ash Cloud (must have skill): great area damage, best skill imo of Xolotl

            Shock Collar/Zap: both have high damage and help me counter water mythics more easily.

            Hope this gives you an idea of why I chose these skills


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              Whoaa so many different uses of xolotl skills

              I usually use electrifire first always (it strengths electric and fire dmg received), then use ash cloud (deals 50% more dmg on the target affected by electrifire), then proceed to to use ignition, if a curio got ash cloud or electrifire on it, ignition does twice the dmg and only has 1 turn CD (wtf?), and lastly Zap his best one shot nuke, that takes no mana to use, deals savage damage and has only 2 turn Cd!! good to snipe curios that uses silence moves (aka void killer).