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  • The Glitch Sale and the follow up-abuse that is about to happen!

    By now most of the community knows that a sale was glitched a couple days ago for about 15-20min.

    For those that dont know what happened: From what Ive been told in this glitch every purchase handed out multiple copies of the curio received instead of one (estimates: epics: 20-30, legends 10-20, mythics: 3-10). I myself didnt purchase this sale but I witnessed the broadcasts (which show legends and mythics received globally). These broadcasts kept going for at least 3 hours (this is when I decided to go to bed). With 6 seconds per broadcast this means approx 1800 legends/mythics and probably 3 times as many epics handed out where around 95% were glitched and therefore free.

    This is bad as it is and some people heavily abused it. One member of my club got banned for 24 hours whereas others got banned for shorter periods of time. This is not enough though. These extra curios need be removed. While right now most of it is junk, this will change when the new exchange system gets introduced (possibly even today). This is where the abuse will come into play where some of the people who abused are already preparing for (especially those who heavily abused and got thousands of extra free curios).

    The Abuse:
    The heavy abusers have thousands of extra curios in their inventories and with the new exchange system about to roll out, they can turn this junk into big value and get a huge advantage over the rest of the community.

    It's pretty easy to find out who abused it the most. While I saw the continuous popups of several people, everyone can find out who is about to get a big power spike soon if nothing is done. The way you find out is to go through the club player rank where you see the top players and check who didnt participate in last PvP. The top25 of last CW yields 4 players who didnt play last PvP and there are more in the top100. They are not playing PvP because it is not possible to loot an old event while crossing the threshold of the curio inventory. Therefore they couldnt play last PvP or the current one. They are not exchanging all the extras because they expect the new exchange system to roll out very soon which will give them an unbelievable power spike for free.

    Im not asking to ban these people. I just want these extra curios to be removed and I showed a pretty easy way to figure out the most critical cases who abused the most. These accounts should be investigated and cleared of the extras (my guess is 10-20 super critical accounts max). This wont fix the general problem of the extra curios but it would avoid the next abuse which seems imminent.

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    We have been actively clearing out all of the extra Curios from all those who made multiple purchases from the glitched sale.


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      not sure how you can Clear them out if they Fused or if they turned them into exp. i seen a few that still have it.. sadly i highly doubt anything can be done and now some are way overpowered for free. says those who made mulitiple so those who did a 500 gems they could got tons of 5s and 4s and nothing being done about that.... i think that is why a lot are now leaving the game and stopped playing.


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        yeah,this is unfair for the player who follow the rules and dont brake the tos,like those exploiters do,and the worst thing is those exploiters was bragging about that and laughing of the ppl who follow the rules and dont buy the glitched promo,in my opinion if 1 or a lot of players exploit a bug to take advantage and they know what they are doing,they should be banned from the game,simple than that


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          I think its unfair that only those who abused it / bought it multiple times have to return the curios, what about those who bought once and got 7 ecos, leylines etc? All that this is telling me is that the next time a sale is bugged i can (and will) buy it once or twice with no consequences.


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            I think if they fused during a knowingly bugged sale they should lose their fused mythics. I was punished way worse playing a hail macrobe level , losing 2800 gems and a vi token, which at the time was gold.