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  • Luck

    How does 'Luck' works in curio attributes. What is the difference between same curio with all other attributes (Damage, health, heal & mana) be the same but having luck as 100 as compare to luck as 500.

    Basically I want to understand the application of Luck in the game.

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    Crit chance is Luck/1000. Critical hits do an additional 50% base damage (+0.5 to the bonus multiplier).


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      Luck/1000 is way off of what actually happens when adding luck to a curio, long ago i added 160 luck to lolli and the crit chance was boosted greatlly to even notice lots more of crits happening.


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        I have data on multiple curios, p<0.03 when I stopped recording. That's good enough for me. Observational selection bias, perhaps?


        • Agath_x
          Agath_x commented
          Editing a comment
          Luck / 1000 that almost negates the effect of luck attribute, say i got 500 luck on my curio which means it will only add up to 0.5% to total chance crit? thats close to nothing!

          Maybe my testing was biased, i only tried it with my lolli back then, tried 50 hits with and without heroic luck, the difference was huge, at least more than a Luck/1000.

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        You guys have Very Good technical knowledge. Thanks for sharing that.