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  • Why is there a Curio Limit ?

    Why is there a limit on the number of curios you can have ? The fact you make us spend gems to increase the size shows there is no reason what so ever.

    Some people have brought the extra capacity but apparently you can't get more than 500 why is that ?

    Its so annoying when you go over the limit and you then can play events or loot.

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    Almost every single spenders and even some non-spenders are struggling with dis if they buy shop but their curio capacity gets full and then arent able to do lots of stuff , and they mostly dont want to exchange 200 curios.also , players who cant fully play the games makes them play less, which causes them to also buy less gems for promo


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      There is also a big lack of enhancements and coins , together with lack og curio space it makes the game almost impossible


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        The curio bag got outdated long ago and since then it has slowed lots of spenders from using the shop, bag limit and space are the same since curio was released, but in that 2 years of curio quest we have gotten so many new and different curios, along with the newest fusion Upgrade to level 4.

        Some time ago i hit the shop with 30k gems and got around 1000 curios over the limit (i already upgraded my bag to max which is 500, ridiculous!) and i had to exchange them cause i couldn't play any even't anymore (if you hit overlimit on the bag, you can't loot therefore you can't play next events), sadly having to exchange all legendaries and epics for exp when i already have 11M of exp but lacking the coins, i feel like im using gems to buy Exp... what a wasth.

        Beside the outdated bag limit, there's another issue with exchanging curios when you have hit the shop with a big amount of gems, it took me literally around 2 hours exchanging non stop, cause i'm forced to do it 4 at time, it gets tedious and scary as you might screw up and exchange a fully upgraded mythic! that fear of losing mythics and the tedious work of exchanging useless curios for 2 hours it turns down any big spender, as you don't wanna go throught all of that.
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          I made the mistake 3 times of accidentally exchanging fully enhanced fused legends, not mythics, and two epics. I am still bummed about it. Just clicking too fast because its never-ending. Never on aggy level but still taking hours and hours. 4 at a time is rough and there should be a way hopefully with new update to simply click a bunch and trade in. PS WE NEED GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD!


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            Curio limits should have been automatically increased when fusion 4 was introduced...this is why people are holding onto so many.