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  • BUG! Stovetop's skill bugged!

    Stovetop's fry target all curios!! instead of just the enemy and the enemy water curios as said in the skill description..

    Need fix! like as fast as possible.. like before the end of the PvP so that I can sweep the floor with Chaos and the other in the top 5 easily Mouahahahahah!

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      Shh.... x2


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          shut up =]]


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            I guess almost everyone that replied has a Stovetop
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              i have stovepot max fused


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                Originally posted by andszeto View Post
                I guess almost everyone that replied has a Stovetop
                Lol of course they have Stovetop.. I have 1 max fused stovetop and enough stovetops to make another max fused one in case the bug isn't fixed..

                Most of them already hav their two max fused stovetop..


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                  How do you guys feel about updating the skill description vs fixing the bug? I so often get requests NOT to fix it that we've left as-is for the time being. I'd like to hear from both sides of the argument here and we'll make a decision together!


                  • Mjoern
                    Mjoern commented
                    Editing a comment
                    It's too strong..even without it, Stovetop is top 4 in rare curios..

                    If fixing to make it hit only water inactive opp curios take too much time.. at least nerf it by 10-15% of its current damage.. so that the other good rare curios like Pentes, Ice Scream and Galluvane can be Stovetop's equal..

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                  Could it at least be considered bug abuse to use Stovetop's fry skill?..

                  Let's compare it to the other top skill in the rare +800% and common +1000% meta.. Obviously F4, fully enhanced and with decent boost Ultimate fury, lucky shot and mana drain and full common and rare journal with 45%+ in elemental journal so top tier rare and common curios

                  Stovetop's Fry - 85k-95k dmg

                  Galluvane's West - 60k-80k heal on the span of 3 turns (two 25% heal on the first turn)
                  Clawsphorus' Crabalicious - lifesteal 75% of 26k-37k dmg.. usually a bit higher than 50k differential.
                  Pentes' Snake eyes - 36k-41k on the span of 2 turns - 0/2 (spammable with mana drain or when mana is boosted)

                  average decent skills will generally do 20k-30k

                  Even without fry being bugged, Stovetop has a range of good skills that allows it to spam 30k+ damage per turn which is more damage than what Galluvane or Clawsphorus can muster..
                  of course it's less than Pentes but Pentes pays its huge damage with the terrible mana cost and having to run only one skill for the AI to be good which means can only defend when mana ran out.. which means easy to just spam fry on to pick the whole team because the AI don't know how to switch..

                  The way I see it, it's pretty much if an apparently absolutely useless skill like Razorfin's Totally, was bugged to instead of being able to hit only when below 30% health, it would drag the opponent curio down to 30% and it would be considered water damage.. so if used against a curio with 100% health with water attune, it would be 0 CD 0 Mana one shot skill..

                  That's pretty much it.. it's a bug, it's game breaking.. and it's not what the description says.. which means that players that actually mind the description and can evaluate how strong a curio is just by looking at its skills are disadvantage..

                  Sure, If instead of focusing on the description, I would have read the log 8 months ago, I could have made my boring 2 stovetops 1 galluvane team .. I could have get them all Rank VI when mythics were actually a rarity and we had plenty of rank VI token to spare which isn't the case anymore.. I could have enhanced them all to max because back then coins and enhancements were plenty which isn't the case anymore..

                  Right now I have 11 stovetops taking space in my collection.. they've been there for 6 months but I simply can't, I can't waste ressource on a curio I already have leveled up.. especially coins, rank tokens and enhancements..

                  It's why I am doing this.. because it's nearly impossible to build the perfect team now.. it's just wasteful and leaves a sour taste because it's all about a bug.; an unfair bug that makes fry the Ultimate skill of the meta when it was supposed to be a useless skill like Razorfin's Totally..
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                    Yes, If you guessed it, I missed top 10 in the event because of Fry being bugged despite not going to bed for the whole night because it was a short event and I would have missed the end and probably top 100 if I went to bed..

                    Which is the reason of that rant..

                    it's going to happen again next time fry users piss me off especially if I didn't sleep and it's 7am and I am writing this instead of going to bed despite that I am tired as hell....


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                      I think it would be unwise for the devs to ignore a very well-known bug for over a year and then change it because of one person. The rare meta has been firmly established and most people have invested quite a bit of valuable resources into Stovetop.

                      As far as considering it bug abuse, that's ridiculous. The notion of punishing players for inconsistencies between the game's descriptions and mechanics is nonsensical. This is much less flagrant than some other bugs. Would players be punished for using Void and Leyline during the No-Healing events? What about any and all bugs? Sinite, Scorpio, and Razorfin come to mind off the top of my head.


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                        Originally posted by Wedge600 View Post
                        I think it would be unwise for the devs to ignore a very well-known bug for over a year and then change it because of one person. The rare meta has been firmly established and most people have invested quite a bit of valuable resources into Stovetop.
                        Very well known by 20 players that has been thrusting the top rare boosted events..
                        It's not the rare meta that has been firmly established, it's the rare event top players..

                        It's not for one player that I ask for a fix, it's for all the other players..

                        invested valuable resources, yes but when they were not quite as valuables as they are now.. that makes a huge difference because if they hadn't been invested in Stovetop's they would have been invested anyway and wouldn't be saved and available to those players now anyway..