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  • Stacked boosts

    I know there is a lot of highly inclined math players on this forum. So I would really like to know how boosts stack onto each other.

    Reason for Asking
    I have a blue boost Heroic electric briar shield (Take 50% less electric damage counter with 25% electric damage)
    Yellow boost Heroic insulate boost (reduces electric damage by 55%)

    My math wise, they add to 105% resistance. Which I know I won't stop 100% of the damage. But how do these 2 stack together if they even do?

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    over 100% turns it into a heal, but crits are like "additional damage" or something so it goes over that, ala Hieron vs Electric.


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      basically, you will take -5% electric damage so you will be healed by 5% of the amount.
      of course tht will only happen if there is no damage buff, event boost or crit..
      a crit is worth +50 so in the case of a crit the base damage will be 150*(skilldmg) so with -105, you will take 45% of the damage.

      Now let's imagine your curio is a dark curio..
      dark curios have a nature -50% to electric damages so basically you will be at -155% so normal non boosted, non buffed, non crit electric skill damage will heal you for 55% of the skill damage and crit will heal you for 5% of the skill damage

      if you have a defensive buff in your skill set like Null or Void, you can even further the heal received by electric damage but it's not really the best way to go..
      when the curio has a defensive skill, the best way to go is to get three major resistances.. the natural one opposite the your curio's element, another one that is not your weakness with the yellow defense boost and another element with the new elemental briar in blue preferably one that hit strong against not your weakness but one of the other element that aren't covered ..

      Now of course, it's not the objectively best way to go, now the metagame is centered around mana drain because the fights became very long because of Void and Zeph and Bobsloth and Leyline too but not quite as much.
      Especially Void.. Void absolutely needs a mana drain boost..

      You can obviously play curio that has a build in way to get mana back preferably by draining it from the opponent cuz that's also why mana drain are so good..


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        Mana Drains are so last month.
        Fast and huge damage across the bench is the new deal.


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          Void is already naturally resistant to elecric you put him a fire briar in blue and a mana drain and you defend well against ash cloud..
          as for Grail, Boblosth with mana draiin and light briar completely shutdown Hope's end and reduce greatly the damage of the aoe.. also Bobsloth can remove ash cloud..

          the only reason fast big Aoe are the new trend is because it's faster to play but the strongest team is still the stalling tank revival team..
          with sinite, void, null, bobsloth and zephyros and playing one nuke for good pressure with void's magnify like merica, xolotl or grail..


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            Originally posted by Zombie ExGirlfriend View Post
            Mana Drains are so last month.
            Fast and huge damage across the bench is the new deal.
            Tell that to my poor dehydrated sinite! T_T
            At least he can swap out and suck away health after taking a good hit.