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  • Ice scream craft challenge Merica craft as the longest and most pointless!

    So Merica is about 24 000 energy which is absurd.. (I don't remember exactly the number, it was calculated in my previous post about crafting Merica)
    and F4 Ice scream, the only ice scream that could challenge the dominant F4 Galluvane and Stovetop as king of the 2* take between 20 000 and 24 400 energy average!
    basically if it's 50% chance to drop in the ruins which seems to be the low end according to the data I gathered it's 24 400!
    (Danielle got 40% drop so far)
    Just to put things into perspective AGAIN.. you can get 4 Perkuna if you are a bit lucky with 24 000 energy.. a F2 Mythic!
    How does F4 Ice scream compare to a F2 mythic when he's not even much stronger than F4 Galluvane? (I would even say he's not stronger at all when mana and Healing are boosted too)

    THe answer is simple, it doesn't it's even worse than with Merica..
    I haven't even tried Coral, because Coral is really weak anyway, and given how they messed up ice scream craft, I am sure Coral compete with Merica for the most pointless mythic craft..

    Also it appears I was wrong.. Perkuna isn't bad at all.. he stands up pretty well to Merica and is better than Coral..

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    I took it as just being a simple afterthought-craft. Although I would prefer it lower as a number, but with more chances to get small enhances/greater-whatever-boost drops, and popping that up by...well they SAY 40% but it feels more like lamps/grains drop only 15% of the time so an extra 15% wouldn't hurt. Some funky stuff in that chance rolling mechanism.


    • Mjoern
      Mjoern commented
      Editing a comment
      the lamps for perkuna drop rate is 3% on repeatable nodes 6% on story nodes and 1 sure + 6% of a second one on Pyramid top and Ignitos idol..
      which makes an average of ~3 per 160 energy..

      the grain for Merica is 1 per 240 energy..