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  • please do away with faction wars

    i mean someone can put more time in or score more pts then someone else BUT cause they got put on a weaker team they get less rewards

    someone can put up xx pts get 75 to 99

    first place gets 5 and 12 cores
    4th gets 3 and 6 cores for the same work

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    Buddy you just mentioned the problem which you feel, I think you should also suggest some solution to it that you would want to see. In my opinion this is just an event and nothing wrong with the auto grouping. I agree that the prizes can be looked at by the devs but I dont agree with scrapping the event.


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      why is it called faction wars when the factions dont really fight one another ... if they kept the rewards the same maybe

      rank 75 to 100

      first place gets 5 5 cores and 12 4 cores and 60 gems and 2 chest
      4th place gets 3 5 cores and 6 4 cores 30 gems and 2 chest

      maybe make it where

      the lower place gets more gems first gets more cores but less gems (30 gems ) 4th gets less cores put more gems or even more chest

      scored 140,000 pts what would got me between 25 to 50 in any bracket but your relying on other people playing in your bracket what Sa does not depend on (if fw and sa are same and cvc anc cw are same)

      also are teams even the same amount of people.. we took 4th but our top 2 had over 100,000 more then other faction top 2... 100th had almost the same as well maybe 10k diff... how can we be behind by 3 millioin pts
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        Don't rely on your teammates. Play as if it is SA. Make your own rank for your own reward. You get what you put in, other words... You only score 100K in FW your prizes are going to be crap. Just like CW 100K gets you crap, you have to play harder for better prizes.


        • slidecage
          slidecage commented
          Editing a comment
          100 k would got you top 100 in any of the brackets so same work for less prizes

          and your forced to rely on others. if others dont play in your bracket your not getting the better rewards

          sa is pure solo.. fw you hope everyone plays