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  • No Healing events don't work

    Your recent no healing event did not work, Curios were still healing and reviving. Void was still reviving curios and its greater Qi and Dark Life was healing curios and itself. Leyline's Tap a line was still healing its self as well just to name a few please fix for future

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    Bobsloth too


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      Thanks for the report! So sorry about this bug - we'll be sure to resolve it before having any future No Healing events.


      • Mjoern
        Mjoern commented
        Editing a comment
        there is no fix..

        if you link the healing by percent of health to healing stat, you will have the same problem than what happened with Sapphurion and Kernal double jolly wham.. if the Healing is boosted even just a bit, it will make for huge healing so you won't be able to boost healing anymore in events which will again discriminates against the healing stat..

        there is only one way to fix it.. as I ve been saying for about a year, drop the percent of health healing including revival..
        and put the healing stat in Journal, rank up and fusion on par with the damage stat so that stronger curio do not get less healing oriented as they become stronger..

        What do you fear now, aaa team isn't going to come back.. Geddon and Sing won't become OP just because they'll heal a bit more than before..
        the biggest change will be Galluvane that will be even more unkillable by other rare in rare boosted events..
        but it's not really such a big deal, I mean clawsphorus is the absolute monster way above any other in the common tier, no one complains..

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      Everything fixed this time around except (AS USUAL) void. what is up with that curio that it breaks everything it's involved in? lol
      There's some weirdness I imagine with revives going around with a straight "replace this curio at set percent" line. Qilin works too but I think it's only like 10% so that is still an ok level of revival.
      I think maybe just temp-lowering/0ing out Void until it ends would be the fastest fix
      Oh yeah also just remembered but due to the weirdness with void still healing Rage is not working for me on it.
      Last edited by moskaubear; September 22nd, 2016, 07:24 AM. Reason: Damn void and its bustedass heal!