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  • POLL : vote for your favorite curio concept

    So since there hasn't been a vote cast in a week on my other poll I'll consider it is concluded and I think we still have some time to do another poll..

    So the winner with 4 votes was "cute curio" (sorry if my conception of cute is not what you hoped for, I tried to design mythic material and they ask for 3rd evo design.)
    the "beast/dragon" and "mage-like" trait got 3 votes each so I considered them sub-winner and included a bit of those in the two concept I offer you to choose from...

    Also keep in mind that they are not refined pieces and there is still ground for a lot of improvement in their design, they are just concepts and I'll take feedback in the comment section.
    So here are the concepts, please vote for the one you would like included the most.

    Electric - Zap scorpion feline
    Earth - Ancient tree-tle
    Last edited by Mjoern; July 25th, 2016, 11:30 PM.

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    tttyyyooo vote for ancient tree-tle /// +1


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      Both are cool designs, but one looks like Sakurasaur and the other looks like a blend of Scorpio and Stella. Where's the new ideas Mjoern?


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        it's a bit harsh, some curios look like an ancient design and those are actually not design but concepts

        if they were designs, they would be colored and refined pieces.

        Given that they are concepts, their appearances are set to change as part of the design process.

        Also I can accept that my turtle look like sakurasaur but the my electric concept has nothing to do with scorpio and stella..

        Since electric pokemon seemed to be all the rage in the contest (x'D) I thought well let's get inspiration from Raichu, Luxrai and Manectric..
        Last edited by Mjoern; July 27th, 2016, 06:50 PM.


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          I wasn't trying to be harsh my friend. Just trying to get you to raise your game! You clearly have some talent in drawing and design.
          Let's see a new THING.
          There's still at least a couple things left...
          Ostrich? Ice Cream Cone? Clam?
          Candlestick? Beaver? Turkey?
          Monster Truck? Squirrel? Chihuahua?
          Hamburger? Motorcycle? Honey Badger?
          or........ a Zombie!