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  • New Mythicsbad (dare I say they are as bad as same of the tier 1 mythic's)

    Zephyros, Bobsloth, Xotol, Merika are all really really bad curios they are weak there damage is appalling even Marika's damage is bad and you boosted it has high damage. You are trying to be clever with the moves and its back firing (High Mana Moves ?)

    Some of the worst mythics to come out so don't see the point of going for any of the new mythics this gen if they are all going to be like this.

    Please take a look at the Pvp leaderboards and tell me how many of these new mythics you see in people's teams compared to Jenite, Senite, Scorpio, Amapaca, Hieron And Eco

    Just shows how bad they are when people don't use them

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    Xolotl is good.......


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      I dont think the new curios are as bad as you make them look. I think they are all viable and could be played. There is just no power creep at the moment which I actuallly like. Curios are viable longer than 1 month now.

      Less power creep means there is less incentive to buy the sales. Thats why we barely see the new curios in the top pvp ranks.

      Kinda reminds me of the legend generation with flora, grog, shywoof when the twins where still dominating everything.


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        this is so true zephy for exmple must be stronger then dragos but no


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          zephyros is a beast if you know how to use it. bob sloth is better than lolli ..xolotl is weak true. merika just needs to be avoided at all costs. worst mythic to come out in a long time. it is sad how ignored air element is in the game


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            เครђгєŦ commented
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            is a beast for fulling health and removin buff or debuff but his attack is so weak 6.7k dmg max this is stupide if we compare it to eco , scorpio , heiron ; and senite ,
            even jenite

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          The only reason top PVP players are not equipped with the new curios is because we don't have enough of them for max fusion! Also much coin involved in max enhancements and ranking, game needs to stop awarding double XP crap!


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            Also, imo Xolotol is beast!!! Likely one of the best right now!


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              Hey guys, thanks for the conversation. I'm curious about your feedback on Merika. What about him seems weak to you?


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                Here's my $0.02

                It's not that Merika and others are weak, it's that some mythics are unbelievably strong. Even though you should already know this, let's look at the numbers. All of these numbers are curios that are level 40, rank 1, no boosts, no crits, and no journal bonuses.

                Merika's best move is perhaps Air Power. 2244-3741 damage that can hit up to 3 times for an average power of 8977 damage. Merika's next best move is Big Guns, maybe? 4019-5345 single target damage for an average of 4682. This damage isn't bad. It's more damage than Bolt, Eco, Flamoth, etc. But now, let's look at Sinite.

                Sinite's highest damage move is probably Revenge. It does 1092 damage to up to 3 opponents and then 2731 potentially 9 more times, giving a maximum of 27855 damage. Next up is Power. It deals 2731-3386 for 5 turns and lifesteals 1748, also for 5 turns, giving a total of 24032 damage dealt and 8740 damage healed.

                This is the problem. Merika is easily in the top half of mythics, but yet Sinite is 3 times as powerful. Sinite is literally 6-8 times as strong as the weakest three, Gustwing, Checkmate, and Electron. I feel like this shouldn't be new information, it should've been understood before the curios were released. The question, "What about him seems weak to you?" irks me. It should be obvious what the complaints are. You guys should know all of this information.


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                  I'm inviting a conversation Wedge, nothing more. Conversations are good things, they help to get to core issues. So rather than making assumptions it's better to just ask a general question and let the conversation be a guide.

                  For instance: Repeatedly you talk about damage. But when you dive into it you are talking about how many times they can do their moves, which is really more an issue of mana/mana costs than damage. Which is helpful information.

                  See you guys play these in far different ways then we do. We can't really field competitive accounts, it's not fair for you guys. (honestly maybe we need to reconsider that policy) But as it stands now we can crunch numbers but how you use it is completely different.

                  So here's my questions on Merika: If the issue is his mana why not put on Mana Boosts? His scaling is insane already, it's not like he needs more damage.

                  Also, if you are looking at just "most damage output across all curios" I would recommend using Bada Boom in your rotation. Bada Boom will hit all targets if you kill the target while the buff is still active (ie: before it explodes). Try opening with Air Power, into Can't Stop and Bada Boom when you think you can finish them inside 4 rounds. Hit with Can't Stop a couple times (hope to proc the damage buff), and finish with Big Guns. The goal is to pop Bada Boom, preferably with the damage buff active. A great way to pop it (if everything lines up) is with Air Power, with the 50% buff active that will pump out 350%-500%(ish) Damage stat damage to all Curios. That's a pretty big hit.

                  Also it bears mentioning that Curios are designed with different play styles in mind. We do this in order to hold down power creep. Curios have different design intentions and work together in different ways. Merika is a high risk/high reward Curio. He has pretty wide damage ranges, and doesn't really "turn on" until he's max level with max level skills. He's more of a single target killer but with some AoE effect to help round out damage.

                  Now, do we always get things right? Heck no. That's nigh impossible with a game like this. That's is why we've adopted a philosophy of updating and tuning. Which, honestly, is pretty common in game development. Even 1.6 Billion dollar juggernauts like League of Legends gets continually rebalanced based around the shifting meta and there are over 500 people working on that game. The goal isn't to nerf/buff haphazardly but instead to continue to refine curios according to their design intentions. And hopefully provide you with a dynamic gamescape that keeps you having fun.

                  So... Maybe Merika needs more mana. Maybe he needs costs to come down. Maybe he needs higher damage, or higher base damage. We watch, we have a conversation with you guys, and we attempt to find a solution that makes him fun without breaking the game.

                  Try out my suggestions and tell me what you think. Also, how do you play him? What boosts do you have on him?


                  • Wedge600
                    Wedge600 commented
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                    I apologize for the ambiguity, I really do.

                    The numbers above aren't in relation to mana usage. In fact, I have no idea how much mana a move uses. I'd have to at least look it up before commenting on it. The above numbers are from a single click, how much damage a single move can do.

                    When I say, "2244-3741 damage that can hit up to 3 times for an average power of 8977 damage", I mean that since it hits each enemy curio, and that there can be up to 3 enemy curios, its expected to do that amount of damage in that situation.

                    So if I can try to summarize, I think Merika's damage output is fine. It's among the best in the game. I have no opinion about his mana consumption or other utility at this time. My issue is that from a single click of the mouse, a single tap on a touchscreen, Sinite's base damage output is 3 times greater than one of the better curios in the game.

                  • Space Ape
                    Space Ape commented
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                    Ah! I see... Ok well that's something to look at. I'll need to dig deeper into these Curios before I can formulate an opinion. I would want to look at cooldowns of these abilities and additional utility and such. It can be tricky to estimate the value of some of the more "intangible" (things outside of raw damage) aspects of an ability. But I appreciate the conversation, it helps.

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                  Hey, slightly off topic question for this thread. (sorry Boyd)

                  Who would you guys consider the strongest healer(s) right now and why?


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                    Jenite and Singularity.

                    Both are easy if you have high damage curios to quickly finish them off. But, once their buffs get up, they become pretty much impossible to kill due to all the healing buffs coupled with debuffs or thorns. For players with decently levelled curios sing is easier than jenite, but both can be troublesome if given enough time.

                    For newer players with not so strong curios, facing one of these is hell as all the damage they do, just gets healed back anyway. I know it isn't fun for them to face most new(er) mythics or even the older ones but at least something like a lolli can be killed if you play it wisely or just through sheer luck. At least they have a chance against stuff like a lolli/xolotl/merika/...

                    Honourable mentions: Squall/Ebb/Stitches/Boletus but I wouldn't consider these OP, just good healers.


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                      Marika - I don't like the chances it has on it move set E.g 50% chance to silence and 50% chance to reduce crit Why? Also it seems to have very bad luck stat and i even have heroic mana luck.

                      Zephy - Really bad damage. its only use is reviving so its sort of a sacrificial curio. Also the Ai doesnt use Sweet Wind I have never seen the ai revive a curio when I do face a zephy. (maybe the same a bastion)

                      Bobsloth - Loses mana too easily if the opp has a mana drain move. you have to use have fun everytime before using another move and the cooldowns are too high.

                      I dont have Xotol to have an opinion

                      Edit: more on the ai not using sweet wind etc. I tested this out by playing a quest I let my two other curios die and I bought out Zephy with just sweet wind as its move. I set it to auto play and Zephy just kept on defending did not use sweet wind at all
                      Last edited by Boyd; July 21st, 2016, 12:53 AM.


                      • Space Ape
                        Space Ape commented
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                        Hey... sorry a bit late on this. But I want to take a sec to address thoughts and hear any feedback you might have.

                        Merika was intended to be a high risk/reward Curio but I don't think the reward is there. The % chances to proc were intended to play into already strong skills, but it seems his skills are not as strong as they need to be. It's a bit tough because Curios like Scorpio kind of blow the curve.

                        Zephy - Yeah I'm looking at Zeph. He does have really bad damage. I'll take a look at Sweet Wind. Not sure why the AI seems to have no problem with Dark Life but is stuttering on Sweet wind.

                        BobSloth - Rotating in Have Fun is definitely part of playing him. But I agree that costs and cooldowns are too high on a couple of his skills. I'm looking at those right now.

                      • Boyd
                        Boyd commented
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                        Good to hear thanks

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                      I think a major reason for not seeing more of the newest curios in play is the drought on obtaining enhancements.
                      Nobody wants to spend 100 gems a piece on them in the shop... coupled with the fact that the worst odds of obtaining a curio are in the promo section with all the enhancements.
                      At least in the old shop you could depend on getting enhancements you needed based on the element on sale. Not so anymore. Random everything.
                      No enhancements = weak curios = players sticking with ones already enhanced. It's a problem.


                      • Space Ape
                        Space Ape commented
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                        Hey ZExG! I'm trying to understand what you mean by "at least in the old shop...".

                        Generally the promo tab has enhancements which are themed around the elements on sale there at that time. Do you mean the old Premium tab?

                        And I take it that the CvE and FvF chests aren't frequent enough to fill the enhancement need?

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                      This is what a 54,500 damage move looks like.

                      I want to mention a few things:

                      1) I only counted damage against curios who weren't dead before the move was used.

                      2) Notice that the initial 2000 damage never hits Bolt. Too much carnage happens before this can even hit.

                      3) Notice Spiteful only procs 7 times. It can proc a maximum of 9 times, so that adds a minimum of 10,000 more damage to the sum

                      4) I don't mean to be rude to rizal, because he has a great team, but this isn't the strongest Sinite around. It's damage is 83% higher than base (due to rank, boosts, and journal). For comparison, my eco's damage is 105% higher than base, and I'm not lighting up the leaderboards.

                      Sinite can routinely hit 60k damage from a single move, and 80k is pretty common, especially during dark boosted events. Any curio that can't at least do 40k damage will be considered weak.


                      • Space Ape
                        Space Ape commented
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                        Thanks for all this Wedge. I'll try to go through and look at all these Curios in the coming weeks.

                        So what's your thoughts on Sinite's vulnerability to Buff clears? My (limited) experience on the leaderboards has shown me that a good clear turns nasty old Sinite into not that big a deal.