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  • So disappointed

    I have been patiently awaiting the changes to Void that have been promised for well over a month now. Unfortunately, I have had some bad luck with curios and Void is considered one of my best. I logged on to use my ap for club wars, only to find that you have screwed Void up! I am furious. You have taken the only worthwhile skill Void has, Scream, and removed any value it had. You have increased the cooldown of the skill by 50% and reduced its damage by 66%! Are you kidding me?
    I have two problems with this:
    1) I have been told this was a bug and will be fixed tomorrow, but what am i supposed to do until then? Where is your communication? I don't understand why I should have to ask a friend to find out what went wrong. You didn't think it was necessary to write a post about this? What are the forums for if you aren't using them to communicate with the player base?
    2) You know this was a mistake, yet you let it stay. Come on guys you are better than this. My club is fighting for a top spot and now my team has been neutered. This is total garbage and you know it. If this skill was meant to be part of a total rebuild, great. But as constituted, I get to silence an enemy curio and stack Curse against a defending enemy. Not quite what I was hoping for the last few months. From the sounds of it, because no one complained in the short period after the broken partial update, the change remained. You know you broke it but thought we wouIdn't mind a broken skill set? Thanks guys, I will just sit on my hands for the next 24 hrs. I am so disappointed -.-

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    I agree with you 100% hiccup. Void was my first mythic and I really relied on his Scream skill but now it has become null and void. They made Void worse not better.


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      If this is the long awaited change for void is this bad, I must say I am really disappointed. Nether+Scream is the only reason I uses Void, to bench curios. Now I'm afraid I'll have to drop Void from my team. Not just that, Nether+Void did more damage to the enemy team earlier than it does now to a single curio. You've kept us waiting for long. I think nobody complained because nobody noticed. If you updated void, shouldn't you have let us know in patch notes that it is updated and ask for reviews?


      • DK_Darshan
        DK_Darshan commented
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        Now I am not quite excited for electron update either.

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      Hi there, everyone. We have not pushed the Void update yet, but some of the work happening behind the scenes seems to have caused a bug in the existing Void. We are fast at work to resolve this and get the new Void out to you. Without your reports we wouldn't have known that this was affecting the live game so thank you for the heads up. The delay has come from finding a way to compensate for skill points that you've already spent on his current skills since we are releasing a new skillset. This is the first time an existing Curio has undergone a makeover to this degree and it's proved a bit trickier than we'd originally anticipated to roll him out to you. Sincere apologies for the current mishaps with Void and thank you for alerting us.


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        Your old Voids have been fixed while we work to reconcile some coding issues with new Void. Thanks again for alerting us, super sorry for the flub, and stay tuned.


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          Thank you for your attention and explanation LittleFury. I am obviously passionate about the game and appreciate your addressing this. The reversion of Scream has allowed me to go back to the CW level I was playing on before. I look forward to seeing the complete skill set change : )


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            all this time being wasted for void and electron.

            rokisaur - bothced

            razorfin - props

            gustwing - botched

            electron and void will not be good i can guarantee that

            new zones, new jobs, new incentives, new events, new ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!! the lab is really poor !!!!! the scores for club wars are a farce clubs make the top rank score in one bracket

            bring back tokens the game is missing red tokens. how can players expect to stay interested in a game if you cannot level up or have new content to keep their interest?

            thanks for listening


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              What are you unhappy with regarding the rebalanced Roki and Gustwing?


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                Gustwings changes really wernt anything special. All you did was slightly increase some of it's hits. I would rather use a non fused Ebb over Gustwing


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                  Not all curios have to be changed, sometimes a damage or hp buff is all they need. Gustwing's skillset matches his description and it feels how Gust should behave.

                  I believe that what Sirjokesalot is trying to say is that the buffs to roki and gust aren't nearly as big as those to razor (and void). Gust and Roki were made stronger but they're still among the worst mythics. Razor went from old and bad to very decent. He isn't the strongest mythic (he shouldn't be of course) but he can go toe-to-toe with most mythics and come out on top if played well. Gust and Roki lose against pretty much all other mythics, even with strong journals and fully enhanced/ranked up.

                  I have Gust, Roki and Razor and Razor is the only one actually doing any pvp/CvC fights. The other 2 help out in CW/FW/SA but they never make it into my pvp team unless their element is massively boosted (100% or more).

                  In short, people believe that Razor got a way bigger buff than Gusty and Roki.