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  • Sinite bugged?

    I just saw a game breaking bug on the new curio Sinite. The skill Power doesnt drain health and heals for 100% the amount of damage drained. It simply heals Sinite to 100% health. In one spell he can possibly get 50-70k health, deal 2 hits of damage and recover 10-15 mana (every 5 turns, with no costs). The description is kinda unclear but the word "drains" make me think it has to be a bug that he just simply heals back to full every 5 turns.

    Please fix this before more people see this spell (which makes him look invincible) and start buying it because of the bug.

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    ok i wamma


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      no its not invinsible and the bug


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        Welcome to the "new normal" in Curio Quest City, Pu.


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          Sinite power is absolutely bugged. It's healing him for 100x what it should be healing him. It will be hot fixed today or tomorrow.


          • Zombie ExGirlfriend
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            Then I would say the mana costs are way too high on his abilities if the 100% heal is really like a 2000 health heal. I have fully enhanced, rank 6 lev 40 Sinite and 1 good swipe from a Scorpio is pretty devastating to his health.

          • Space Ape
            Space Ape commented
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            Understood Zombie, it looks like many of the self-heals are a little underpowered right now and could use a little buff.

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          Sinite is damage is bugged, its not doing enough damage compared to high hi its stats are in game. Sinite has one of the highest damage stats in the game and its damage to just all wrong.

          Sinite base damage is 1,748 that's the highest damage out of all the mythics in the game. After levelling mine up its currently at 4,051 and it could not finish of a gambit with just 1000 or so hp left after I used Hate and Rage.