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  • Rewards in CW

    Dev's kindly check the rewards in CW. . . rewards are not worthy anymore

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    I have to agree with Pring on this issue. It seems that re rewards are fairly out of balance in my opinion. If a player utilizes all regeneration AP they will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 AP for the entire event, which would mean that they finished 150 runs. Out of those 150 runs you will get 30,000 EXP and 0 Gold. The player rewards are gold coins, but I think the amount of coins being given is not in balance with the individual player effort to achieve a top rank. Also the club points reward is weak as well. The 2M point mark is extremely low, there will be many players that cross that by themselves in an event like this. Those types of players don't need enhancements. Boosts, gold, rank tokens, %chance at curios are all better options and more rewarding than enhancements. As for the club rank rewards. Those do seem more in line with other events. Though the crafting fragments are new to the game and we have not seen them in use just yet. A good question regarding the crafting fragments is what curios are in that crafting pool? Will ALL Mythics, regardless of generation be available, or will it be limited to earlier generation mythics? If it is only earlier generation curios and not recently released ones, than I think it does decreases the overall value of it as a reward.

    I hope that helps


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      Well said Tooth! I kinda think the same way. I like the new cores we get but I will miss having curios in my loot. And getting lots of enhancements which most players don't need anymore in exchange to no more gems and not enough coins to do anything isn't motivating either.

      I loved the random aspect of the old loot and actually was hoping for more random boxes for rank tokens, coins, enhancements and maybe even gems. A little bit evil I know


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        I agree with ToothDoc's assessment, the rewards for this event are unbalanced. I expect to see more coins given out for events than what were given out this week. We typically receive 1M coins per week if we participate in a top club both events, and this didn't happen this week. I depend on getting that reward and I'm guessing some others do too. Without coins than we cannot rank up our curios or boosts. The enhancements are not much of an incentive, lots of us every day players have more of these than we know what to do with. With the absence of coins I would expect to see gems, but this is missing as well.


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          Tooth is spot on with his assement of these rewards. They also make it harder to play in my opinion I loved the 4 or 5 curios you got every cw. They'd help you work on your journal plus there was an occasional legend in there. But now with these new rewards all top clubs get is legends/mythics and even then you have to wait like 4 events to get 1! Then once the time comes you finally get that 1 legend/mythic you've gotten about 200k coins from the entire week of events... thats 1/3 of the cost for a Evo 3 mythic without even enhancing it or using boosts yet. So say you finally get all the coins you need for that then you need rank tokens but we're not even getting fragments in cw which is dumb so you have to wait for 2 out of the 4 events to get any unless you're a top player in pvp consistently. I think these rewards need some serious revision ASAP cuz if every event is like this it's not going to make people want to play events as much for such little reward..


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            Can people post in this thread as that were we are told to post our views on CW rewards

            I'm going to post my post in here as well

            The rewards for CW are the worst rewards I have seen on the game and I have been here since the game first come out.

            We need more coins just 2 events that give out coins is ridiculous. For me being a top player the most coins I could get is 100k in each event. How are you meant to level up Mythic curios which cost a bomb to evolve. How are you meant to upgrade heroic/Ultimate boosts and how are you able to use your enhancments to make your curios better?

            What club wants to get the top club points rank to only get 4 of each enhancement of a specific element ? Why don't you make the score higher than 2M and add better rewards like Tokens and gems or how about some PVP tickets for a change. (don't make it stupidly high like you have done in pvp, who has actually made 26,500 points in pvp stupid!!)

            Why have you made events longer ? They get boring and tedious after a while especially during CW as the brackets are only 4 hours long.

            Bring back Curio bags as well. why we only being able to get curios through summons ? why can't we have both it the best thing when you loot and see what curios you get.


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              I am writing to bump this. Nothing new to add. The rewards are horrific at best. The rewards need changed ASAP before mass exodus occurs. No one is playing at peak level. I normally stomp cw. Not even trying. There is nothing to try for. Literally nothing to try for. Do you not understand that?


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              ill talk to the devs about this even all my club members are not satisfied we rank in top 50 sometimes in 33 or 28 in every club event and we have to wait a long time if gems accompany it it will be good


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                I miss all the curios for cw rewards, for journals sake oh yeah and coins #bump