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  • Psychic Curio Feedback

    Hey Questers!

    I've seen a few people talking about the new Psychic Curios making the game less fun, but March has had so many Psychic-themed events, enemies, and content additions that it's sort of hard to pinpoint what you're enjoying and what you're not. Since we want to make sure you guys are having a good time, we'd love to hear more about what you do and don't like, and how we can improve this experience for you! If you're not sure how to constructively frame your opinion, you can use the format below as a conversation starter!

    I don't care for: [Insert what you don't like about Psychic month so far]
    I don't like it because: [Please explain why as best you can, the more specific you are, the better]
    Instead, let's: [Tell us how we can improve something like this in the future]

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    The fact that psychic curios has no weakness at all and is strong against everything is too op atleast give it some weakness like physical curios which were op enough having no weakness also mythics are op enough without having psychic powers as well and in fw the main boss should always be a tech not an op psychic mythic no one can beat I like legends having psychic moves it gives them a chance against mythics but not mythics already op


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      the psychic curios are very op for a lot of players,a lot of them normally plays the fw in the lvls 125 to 140 and now with this psychic curios and voltage superboosted they need to low down to the lvls 75 to 100,and affect us because all of them makes a low scores and was impossible reach mre tiers in the community rewards.personally i like the idea of the psychic curios but they are very op,we need something against them like a boost who can make more dmg against psychic curios or why not we can be able to play with at least with 1 psychic curio from our inventory,like the event with the phantom mythic,why not put another spot in the fw where we can put our curio where he can be transformed into a psychic curio just for the invasion event,i think all the players can like this idea and that way all the players can improve theyre scores.
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      • hades
        hades commented
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        Santos, donde mando el mensaje??

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      As most people agree, Psychic being good against every element, doing extra damage and taking less damage was a bit much. The way I have seen other games implement a "Psychic" like type that most people seem to like is where its more of a "glass cannon" type, Where the element, in this case Psychic, is strong vs everything when attacking but psychic it self is weak vs everything when being hit. So it will do lots of damage when attacking but they usually will die in a few hits. Not sure how others feel about this, and at this point might make it hard to do now since you have introduced units with psychic abilities that aren't psychic type them self now...


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        I don't care for...the OP Singularity curio in the events.
        I don't like it because...not only is he a mythic with psychic abilities that do extra damage, he is also a psychic curio that is much harder to do damage to. This makes him extremely difficult to beat unless you have a curio that can do a lot of damage.
        Instead, let's (several ideas):
        1. Make him a normal dark curio with psychic abilities rather than a psychic curio with psychic abilities.
        2. Instead of psychic skills doing 50% more damage and psychic curios receiving 50% less damage, maybe reduce it to 25 or 30%
        3. Adding an element to the game that only makes it harder doesn't really make it more enjoyable. If we were able to capture a psychic curio or even just have a phantom psychic on our team (as brilliantly suggested by elsantos above) would make it much more enjoyable and make it seem less like just extra work.


        • Nox
          Nox commented
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          Oooo, good idea with the decrease percentage.

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        Per the invite to post my feelings, here I am.. Boy oh Boy where do I begin.

        1)What I don't like broken into 3 parts: I don't like the fact that the first SA event there was a psychic here and there, and it was okay. And the one the other day had a psychic every 2 curios it seemed. It felt like I was fighting nothing but Psychics. I also don't like that Singularity is popping up in FW at a level where we never seen mythics before, at a rigged ridiculous rate of power. If I'm not on my second team I am screwed, because if he has 3 turns or so to get ready, i'm toast. And finally, I do not like that you are making new curios with psychic moves. And I see in journal there is a slot for psychic. Just no, please no. I love this game. But I will not play with that. Don't even give curios psychic moves. I don't even like the psychic boosts. I enjoy this game alot, don't want it ruined by this event.
        2)Now I feel like I answered 2 in part 1 so on to part 3.
        3)I believe that, Psychic is okay. Pop the event in every month or so. Pop it in twice a month. Go for the gold 5pg. But come on, if mythics aren't in 125 any other time, I should not be fighting 4 of them at once. A month of Psychic is over the top. And for the love of all that is good, quit making curios have psychic moves. Turn their currently psychic moves into moves of their own element and leave it at that. And for the love of all that is good. DO NOT make completely psychic curios. People overall don't like this event(from the feedback i've received on kong. Thanks for your time.
        I like this game, alot. May donate again down the road. Don't ruin it. Too many good games have gone down this way. Thanks.


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          I don't care for:
          1. Singularity having the ability to finish SA alone.
          2. Psychic curios doing +50% damage and receives -50% damage.
          3. Some singularities do only psyfield and mass in FW.
          4. Mass does +25% damage increase which can increase upto 400% in a few turns,making the upcoming gambit OP.
          5. The new psychic health boosts give more health increase than a heroic tank boost.
          6. There were a lot of SA tournaments.

          I don't like it because:
          1. People need to think and make a team. Anyone who has singularity can finish SA by just spamming the attacks without thinking.
          2. That gives them an advantage over every curio. There should be no single powerful type/curio to make the game balanced.
          3. That keeps reducing the damage and eventually any attack you do deals no damage, and any attack that singularity does deals immense damage.
          4. It looks like a recipe for making a super-curio out of the next upcoming curio. At least there was a limit of +100% while using kernel for this purpose. Singularity show no limits. +400% is too much.
          5. heroic tank is a heroic boost for a reason. even greater psychic health boost gives similar health increase as heroic tank boost.
          6. One of the SA was said to have been unknown to devs, It wasn't supposed to happen and after it got over, another SA started. How can a developer not know what is going on in the game. People sent a lot of tickets asking that but no one replied. I can understand that you might have some personal work, but not everyone should be busy at the same time.

          Instead you can do:
          1. Revert it back to a point where you need to think to make huge runs in SA.
          2. reduce it to a range of 0-25% more damage.
          3. Prepare a common moveset that all singularities should use.
          4. Make all its skills consume mana like a normal curio (except 1 or 2, but not OP skills like mass) and increase its mana. Put a cooldown on mass. Reduce the damage increase on mass. Do anything to prevent it from making a super-weapon out of other curios.
          5. Increase the health boost on heroic tank or reduce that on psychic boost.
          6. Please keep checking into the game, watching what people like or don't like. Checking tickets may be a tedious job but a brief look into WC frequently, after a new event starts, will help you solve bugs quickly.
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          • #8
            I have only had two issues with the Psychic theme, both involve Singularity.

            1. The Psychic Singularity is too overwhelming for the events. Only a small percentage of the game population can deal with that curio. The regular version of Singularity would have worked just fine as an event boss.

            2. The regular Singularity uses way too many buffs! Wow, the whole screen gets covered with buffs. It is impossible to tell how many things are being affected. I would recommend that the maximum number of turns that buffs last as applied by one ability be in the range of 12 - 15, instead of 20. 20 is overkill.

            To me, an even bigger issue was how Daylight Saving Time affected Club Events. People get frustrated waiting so long for a group activity to take place. It seems like the time changes all took place on weekends. It should have been possible to fit one club event into the middle of each week. Then faction wars or survival could have been scheduled around those events to generate more variety. And no events that use AP should overlap. Overlapping is another source of player frustration.

            Thanks for considering our input!


            • Nox
              Nox commented
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              Is it just the amount of buffs on the screen that irritate you? Or are troublesome? Because i can completely agree with that! Maybe they can put a Buff button in similar to the Log feature where all the buffs can go without taking up the top of the screen.

            • Wildkat
              Wildkat commented
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              Yeah, Sing just creates so much clutter, lol. The buffs overlap each other and frankly that is distracting. There should be a better method than long streams of icons that go off the page.

            • Mimzy
              Mimzy commented
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              Awesome interface suggestion right there, guys! Passing it along ^_^

          • #9
            Well, there's a few things I will suggest. And I apologize I can't make paragraph breaks on my phone, I think. So, first, singularity in FW is very annoying. After 5x 10% reductions, you do 0 damage. With more, you heal him (5x10+50 from psychic). The damage reduction should not add up -- that makes no sense. It should be like "10% off total damage, 10% off of what the remaining damage would be." An attack should never heal a curio. You don't add percentages! Second, I hope you never make psychic curios. We don't need curios that are strong against everything, but have nothing strong against them. It's okay for computer curios, if you fix the damage percents, but not for player curios. It makes me nervous that curios have psychic moves.


            • Nox
              Nox commented
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              With sing being a psychic curio i dont think his skillset should have the dmg reduction skill. But like i said earlier, debuffs work wonders against him. Hes kind of a wimp when you use a debuff team against him.

            • s-wolff
              s-wolff commented
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              Honestly the don't always because I debuffed him with phantasma and all it did was kill my phant because it does damage when dispelled and he rebuffed himself and healed back to full we don't all have hard hitters

            • Nox
              Nox commented
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              Oh yeah. I forgot about the dispell dmg. Stun works too tho. Prevents him from using the buffs in the first place. Alot of curios have stun albiet for not that long.

          • #10
            Another thing that makes Singularity op is his skill that decreases your curio's mana. It's so annoying that its hard to damage him because of his buffs/debuffs...whats worst is you lose all your mana attacking him and he too decreases it.


            • #11
              Plz give us community rewards based on benchmark set on previous event.


              • Mimzy
                Mimzy commented
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                We gave out some rewards with today's build and we're making sure we have community rewards for next time around set to go. Thanks for the suggestion! ^_^

              • Sha8nk
                Sha8nk commented
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                Thank u very much for consideration

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              Personally I believe the main reason psychic curios are no fun to play against is the constantly visible effect of "WEAK" when you attack them. It's pure psychological but it's not really fun to see your curios you worked so hard to get and to improve to do non stop "WEAK" attacks.

              I really like this kind of special event though to introduce a new element to the game. This is a huge improvement compared to the introduction of fusion and mythics which were just put out during anniversary in a way: "Here! Go deal with it!".

              While this is an improvement I think that the support during this event could have been alot better. A noticeable amount of events had some kind of flaw which either were not fixed at all or fixed when many players already spent a major amount of their AP. This comes back to the regular scheduled patch times introduced in October. I might be wrong but to me it seems like the game gets worked on every tuesday from 19:00- 23:00 CET and unless there is a major bug nothing happens until a week after. With so many events going on small mistakes can happen (like the wrong SA, no community rewards visible this FW, overlapping of events and then no events for day(s), curio skills bugged) and can really displease your regular players. I have seen your new game in the works and I bet it keeps you really busy but please dont forget about the CQ community and dont let us wait every week up to 6 days to fix some minor mistakes which really decrease the playing experience.

              Just my 2 cents,


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                Hey guys,
                Thanks so much for your feedback, it's helping us get to the root of the issue! Please feel free to continue leaving feedback about this and other Psychic-themed things as they come up throughout the remainder of the month.


                • DK_Darshan
                  DK_Darshan commented
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                  It is wonderful to see you taking feedback from us and so many people responding.

              • #14
                psy curios are "overpowerd" both +50% dmg dealt vs all types and getting -50% vs all types [exept psyskills] is bad it should either have increase dmg vs all or reduced dmg from all not both
                like the idea of "glasscannon" deal +50 get +50 dmg

                due to the overpowerd state SA/FW gets alot harder, that u can face legends and mystics as psy is really abd and no fun [and in additon to the returning bugged point from voltage it was last FW again boosted and only gave 616points at 110 difficutly compared to 1-3k from techs (3*-5*) and singularties >> deals lots of dmg and low returns
                all these 4* psy curios take now away slots for techs : techs are ncie they hit hard but give good points 300+ while psy 4* curios are hatting hard getting reduced dmg and give something like 60points only>> the first event when we only ahd 3* psy curios was alot better atleast u faced some non psy curios which i ahve the feeling atm i face 99% psy only.

                due to the harder enemys u die faster [or maybe not able to clear the FW "bosses" ] and less techs, leads to overall less points > more runs and more time used and SA already takes alot of time

                EDIT: this can be seen when u think about it we have 9 curios in SA so 3more than usual but the highest runs are less or eqall to the non-psyevents with only 6 curios

                the recent lab forge of the psy boost that drops like 5-20x per SA run was kinda well bad joke i expected something for teh purple orbs only or a forge for lets say 15blue/15red/15yellow = a greater "psy" boost of your choice

                also regarding psyskills on curios u can get i find 3 psy skills (like hierons) abit to much i think 2 should be max : in case of hieron u could have 1 healing skill and 3 dmging psyskills so u always do increased dmg and only have a "bad" matchup vs electrodmg (not that u would not take defy but still)
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                  Mimzy, people are still finishing SA with Singularity alone. Is the proposed reduction in damage done already?


                  • Mimzy
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                    Hey DK, any adjustment to the player-owned Singularity is going to require an extended discussion involving your feedback with the development team and we will announce any changes in the Patch Notes. As I mentioned to Jman on the next page, we will be adjusting the enemy version of Singularity for the current Faction Wars as soon as we're able.