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  • "new Psy" SA

    so with the march 15th patch we got new SA with more Psy curios no surprise there.
    but this one is the worse off all the psy-SA by far.
    why? well in the last 2 we got 2* and 3* psy curios that can take a punch and deal out dmg but it was "ok".
    with the new addition of 4* curios the dmg we receive is alot bigger meanign your curios will die faster but enemys will last longer > taking alot more time.
    but the biggest problem is that with the addition to the 4*psy curios u face alot less techs and this leads to alot less points.
    as example i had in 1 group a psy grogius, psy penzai and a 4*tech: the both psy gave 60+60points the tech 300 [and the tech died alot faster too]

    EDIT: with all of the above mentioned the new psy SA takes alot more time to get max points for example [and we can all agree SA was never a "fast event in firstplace ]
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    It'd be better if they were equally difficult for everyone. But the people with singularity can overpower them easily.


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      The boosts in the lab is supposed to make dispatching and handling the psy curios easier ;]


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        it doesnt really help for the dmg u need to do to kill lets say a psy penzai and getting only 60points when u could have gotten 300points for a tech.
        the difficulty to kill them and the rewards for doing so are not even close to be fair. i
        even if u get less dmg from the boosts u still need more hits to kill a psy curio which takes alot of time/turns/mana...
        and the boosts that drop to deal psy dmg its well badjoke doesnt even describe it:


        • Bigby
          Bigby commented
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          For me, that boost is great. It gives your curios a good amount of health. Though i kind of think that the percentage of causing a psychic damage is super low and when it does the damage is super low also. You can get the best kind of it in the shop...i'm pretry sure that one is better!

        • Nox
          Nox commented
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          The points awarded for the psy curios could be better, i agree on that part.

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        i never complained about the hp boost the droping one gives only that the dmg of ~100 [at4%rate] is not really well viable