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  • Club Event Ideas

    Some ideas to throw about in no particular order... The poll outlines some ideas, and then ill go into more detail below if it isn't clear. give it a vote if u like the idea and add ur own thoughts

    - Club events should be varied in the number of teams per bracket, to keep the strategies fresh. Currently clubs just tend to hold back and try to sit in 2nd for as long as possible and then hit as hard as possible last bracket. While this is great and adds some strategy, there's no reason this couldn't be varied. A larger number of clubs in each bracket could quell this strategy completely, and on the flip-side brackets of 3 or even 2 clubs could introduce new dynamics to club events. If i recall correctly there have been events a long time ago that were head to head, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement and it really does separate the strongest from the rest. Having clubs in 1st bracket versing only the 4th club and never having 1st vs 2nd for the whole event isn't too exciting in my opinion and could be changed from time to time. (ie. no one will ever be forced to vs players from the top club no matter how high they climb, and this basically makes cvc events equivalent to versing players outside the top 100 in pvp even for the highest clubs)

    - Another idea would be to adapt the rewards brackets more often. The current rewards brackets never really reflect the actual difficulty to achieve them. For example the cw points reward is generally obtained in the first few hours of the event for top clubs, this could be made harder or more rewards brackets could be added to give clubs something to strive for. Also the rewards brackets for final placing could be changed to better reflect their difficulty. For example, in an event with 4 teams per bracket rewards should be tiered in groups of four to better reflect final rankings. Currently having a team coming 4th receive the same rewards as one finishing 8th isn't very rewarding and basically encourages slacking off at the end for most top 10 clubs.

    - Obviously there's been plenty of other requests on other threads for better player record tracking (ie. show players' cw scores) but id like to suggest that it would be even better to have a more in depth leaderboard system. Something that gives recognition beyond a singular event and can show top scores in the last few events amongst all players (ie. all time leaderboard), or a simple record of the past few scores of each particular player (ie. click name and see last 5 cvcs and cws). This both gives longer lasting credit to players after a huge effort in an event, as well as helping to eliminate leeching and improve club management; as leaders can easily see a snapshot of a players' recent event history.

    - I'd love to see more innovative rulesets for events be put into place. Having a different epic superboosted every event isn't exactly exciting (..unless it's as boosted as monstro.. and even then players without monstro felt hard done by). I'd love to see more rules such as as the reversed elemental weaknesses event from a while back. Common boosted events are fun to throw in at times. Events could have a more extensive criteria to play around with (eg. elements reversed, rares only, dark boosted with physical moves dealing light dmg, everything superboosted, healing boosted, nothing boosted etc. etc.)

    - Heard this idea floating around too for events to be run with smaller club sizes. I think playing around with 5-10 players in a club every so often would be a good mix-up too and definitely provides much more competition for the top spots. This could be done as a separate club without the need to disband active 30 player clubs. I think this idea would be really cool and would revolutionise the play experience.

    Cheers for reading if you could be bothered, u da real mvp
    More teams per bracket in club events
    Less teams per bracket in club events
    Better tiered event rewards
    Player multi-event history
    All-time and monthly leaderboards for each event
    Innovative rulesets for events
    Smaller club sizes

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    I think this is a really good idea, some of the club events can get a little repetitive. Particularly I'd love to see some more strategy in events to vary the play style. Temporarily taking power away from the most powerful curios would be interesting and could be achieved with mechanics like the reversed element suggestion. Most players use the same curios for almost all events so restricting events to rares or epics could also be cool