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  • Tips for new Players/ Guide

    As I have played for a while i have some tips for You, new Players that i hope will help You to start well without making serious mistakes(like i did).

    *1. XP*

    As You might know You can choose who to assign the xp after winning the battle.(Must have at least 2 curios, You'll have at least 3 after finishing in-game tutorial). At the very beginning balance it between all of them but after beating guy on the motorboat I'd advice You to give all the xp to the one curio, the one with the highest amount of stars(displayed under their avatar). Unless You got another 2* at the first purchase then share between them but getting that is almost impossible.

    *2. COINS*

    Don't spend Your coins in the shop for common curios. Keep them to evolve Your party members. You'll probably use only 3 of them and chances of getting a better than You got at the beginning is almost 0. You can click 'i' in the shop for more info about what are the odds to get each curio. As i said, it's a waste of money.

    *3. EVOLVING*

    You can evolve Your curios to increase their base stats and be able to reach higher level with it. To evolve you need to max it's lvl. For first evolution it's 10, for second it's 25.
    Remeber that after evolving Your curio his lvl is back to 1 so keep xp in the bank, don't spend it. Use it after the evolution so he will be stronger than before evolution.

    *4. STORING XP*

    Storing the xp. You can store xp by winning it in the arcade slot, daily spin, achievements and by completing the jobs. It will be stored as well when You won't assign xp after the battle to any of your curios. It is helpful when You maxed the lvl of Your strongest curio but you don't have coins to evolve him and you don't want give xp to other curio.

    *5. BATTLE.*

    There are curios of a different kind so some have advantages agains others. Every battle when the opponet curio is already in the battle you'll see "+" or "-" next to your curios or(if yours is already in the battle) under specific attacks. If there is no "+" or "-" it means the attack is neutral against opp.(for eg. physic attacks are always neutral).

    *6. SKILLS*

    Don't forget to set skills for Your curio AND REMEMBER ALL STATS ARE RESET AFTER EVOLVING.

    *7. FRIENDS.*

    Add as many friends as You can. Ask on the chat or on the forum topics. Share Your ID and ask everyone to add you. Friends give arcade balls(you can and you should give them too) that are used in arcade slot. You need 5 ballas for one spin. It's worth because You can get various prizes like coins, xp or tokens to rank up Your curios. You can have 50 friends. Also getting friends will make you complete achievements and you'll be awarded just for having them. It's easy i got all my 50 in one day.

    *8. GEMS.*

    Gems are priceless. If You don't want to spend your real money, keep Your gems untill you'll reach 1500. I know it's much but it isn't impossible. Finish jobs, achievements. Maybe some luck on arcade and slot. So don't spend 300 on buying new curio. Wait till 1500 and buy a pack of 5. Epic is guaranteed then so it is worth waiting.

    *9. PVP*

    If there is PvP going on. Play. Even you might loose some or most of the matches at the beginning. It helps complete jobs when you have to beat 10 or 20 curios of each type. It is likely you'll come across the ones you need to beat.

    *10. PROMO CODES.*

    Promo codes are codes you type to get free stuff like coins or xp. The ones i know are "TIPHELP" "BIGWIN" "DB4E6" -"CQR7L"-. But be adviced that some of them have a expiration dates. Check the "promo code" thread or visit their fb page to see if there are any new codes available.

    *11. REFERRALS.*

    This is one of the hottes things going on on every chat. You can refer only once in the game. It won't give you anything but it will help a lot a person you referred. Check the prize list, what you get after specific amout of referrals. For eg. after the first referral you'll get a 2* hydra. Remeber that you have to claim it in the referrals menu. Ask people on the chat, or maybe invite your friends to the game and ask them to refer you. To refer somone You need to past his ID into empty space in the referrals menu and then submit.

    *12. CURIO RANK*

    Ranking up Your curio will increase it's base stats. It is worth doing but don't spend Your rank tokens on weak 1* curios.

    That would be it for now, if I'll come up with anything else I'll post it here. Good luck


    Boosts are the things you can apply to your curio. It will increase his stats, but once You give Your curio a boost you can't take it back and give it to another one. So use it wisely. You can upgrade your boosts simply by clicking on it and then clicking 'upgrade' or '+' if the boost is not applied yet.


    The circle of strenght/weakness. Each element is strong against the one on its right and weak against the one on its left.


    PHYSICAL curios are neutral.

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