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    by far he is the weakest legendary, roclost hits harder then my buffed penzai, could the devs possibly look into this and maybe buff his skills up a little? even maybe add another skill on him?

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    Being as though he is my only Legendary... I fully agree with this request and second it! Especially the added ability!! A buff that traps and adds damage if trapping is successful seems like a good addition. All I do with him is Rock throw, rock n' roll, landslide, rock n roll, rock throw, repeat, with Bonsai occasionally.


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      yep pretty much ^ and the skill that is buffed when enemy is trapped doesnt seem to even do much damage anyways.


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        Penzai is not good.

        None of his support tree skills are even usable. Compare Bonsai to Affinity, Transfer to any other heal, Rejuvenate to Immortal... Thick Bark is awful and should never be used.

        His direct attacks are all incredibly underpowered - compare those damage abilities to ones on any other legendary.

        Penzai's best feature was his large HP pool but that doesn't really mean anything anymore since his moves have so little utility.

        Penzai needs a complete rework on the support side and a significant increase in numbers on the damage side.


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          I have to agree. When I see a 4 star Earth curio in PvP, I'm always happy. Generally, I send Usagi (my Lepus) against him, and attack with the sequence of Jackalope, Rabbit Hole, Airflow (repeat). That means all my bonus damage from Jackalope is added to Rabbit Hole, which hits the back row. Approximately 60% of my damage (before elemental bonuses) actually hits Penzai. And, generally, Penzai dies before Usagi.

          Even with an elemental advantage, my 3 star should not be able to take out a 4 star while also doing 40% of his damage to the back row.


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            Actually it should, since he doesn't possess an attack you actively don't resist. Lepus has a massive attack stat coupled with quite a few hammering moves that complement his brutal fighting style.


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              Now not to double post here, but I also remember that my Karn (Blue) generally kills Penzai off himself. That's a more compelling argument to say that Penzai needs rework as a 3 can, conceivably, beat a four star but a 2 star? That's next to unheard of!


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                Penzais fine its actually good for the survival arena


                • Mjoern
                  Mjoern commented
                  Editing a comment
                  lol dude, those posts are 1 years and 2 months old..
                  Penzai was the worst back then, he was buffed 9 months ago along with Velox..

                  but No Penzai isn't fine now.. he is completely OP when you fight a lvl 170 in CW but is one of the weakest when it comes to being used by a player