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  • Welcome to Curio Quest!

    Welcome to Curio Quest, and thanks for playing! This post is to give you a little extra insight into the game, the team, and the company.


    There's a day in every teenager's life when they find out their parents are inter-dimensional fugitives and their house is transported to a far off world of odd people who raise and battle bizarre creatures they call Curios. For you, that day is today.

    Curio Quest is an all-ages adventure based around collecting Curios and using them to battle through a lighthearted story line and in PvP and Club vs Club tournaments.

    Check out the homepage to learn more about the world of Curio Quest:

    Curio Quest Home Page!

    Curio Quest is currently available to play for free on Android and iOS devices.

    To follow our updates and stay current on what's going on with the ongoing development of Curio Quest, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages:

    Curio Quest on Twitter || Curio Quest on Facebook

    Curio Quest is developed by 5th Planet Games, with the help of a lot people behind the scenes. If you look at the "About Us" page on the official 5th Planet Games website, most of those names participated in development in one way or another!

    However, there are a few names you'll become especially familiar with as they are involved in the day to day development and caretaking of Curio Quest and its community and will be hanging out in the forums with you.

    [Atreyu] is the Designer for Curio Quest. That means he works on how much damage attacks do, how new features work, and how the framework of the game functions. Without him, the game wouldn't have any rules or anything to do.

    [Tails] is the Producer. He makes sure that resources are allocated wisely, that tasks are organized and completed in a timely fashion and that everyone is working together efficiently to improve and update the game. He makes sure all the puzzle pieces of the team fit together.

    [Stranger] is the Game Writer. He writes the story and the dialogue for the game, and thinks up the people you'll meet, the places you'll go and the Curios that you'll collect. He creates the world of Curio Quest and gives the game a cohesive theme.

    [Jace] is the Programmer. He writes the code that makes the game work and maintains it to keep it running smoothly. Without him, all the designs and the writing would just be ideas. He builds it into a functional game that you can play.

    [Mimzy] is the Community Manager. She helps plan fun events, keeps the community updated, and listens to player suggestions for what would make the game better.

    There are also several artists, animators, UI and Graphic Designers involved with the game, so if you see them around the forum or in the game, say hello!

    We want to give you the best experience when playing Curio Quest and welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have. Also, if you are experiencing any gameplay issues, please send reports to our support team, found here.


    5th Planet Games exists to make fun, engaging and immersive social games. Curio Quest is our first "All-Ages" title, and also our first game in the creature battling genre.

    You can find more about who we are and our other games on our company website below.

    5PG Homepage!

    For more updates, you can also become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

    Thank you again for playing and for joining our community, we look forward to having a lot of adventures together!
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    I spend 2k to buy 10 disc but i just only get Enchantments....


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      me pueden quitar el ban de mi cuenta por favor


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        why i can't login to facebook in Curioquest App on android help me please ... !!


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          Same problem here bro