World Chat Rules World Chat Rules Module

By using the in-game chat system you are agreeing to follow the rules listed below and the game’s Code of Conduct. These rules are in place to protect other players and yourself from varying forms of abuse and to keep the chat civil and welcoming to all players and age ranges.

Spamming: please do not spam the chat with pointless text, club invites, or player IDs. Please keep the posts to a reasonable amount.
Spam is defined as the following:
• Identical links more than once per chat page.
• The same text three or more times in succession.
• Hitting enter after every word.

Harassment: Harassment in any form is not tolerated. Please be considerate to other players with different religions, sex, nationalities, languages, races, preferences, or any form of belief or opinion.

Personal Attacks: Any verbal attacks, flaming, hate, or harassment directed at a person, group, Alliance, or organization is considered Harassment (see above).

Solicitation and sexual conversation: This is a family friendly game; please do not engage in adult conversation or pursue a relationship with another player in the chat.

Personal information: We advise against giving out your personal information, such as Facebook or Instant Messenger details. Do not harass another player to get this information.

Language: Please do not swear or use any word that can be considered offensive; be kind and civil to other players at all times. There are currently chat rooms for the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, and Russian; please choose your applicable language. Although we encourage players from every culture, we cannot moderate the use of non-English languages in the English chat, and often unintentional offense is caused when comments are ‘lost in translation,’ therefore English is preferred. If the chat filter ***'s out a word, you should neither use it nor use extra characters to force it to display. If you feel that there is a word which should be added to the filter, please contact the Support Team here.

Moderation: The chat player moderators (“Chat mods”, noted by *MOD* and their light blue color) are unpaid volunteers chosen from the regular player base. They have authority over chat under supervision of and within the rules set forth by the developers (noted by the *DEV* tag and their light blue color).
A violation of the rules listed above will result in a written warning. If the behavior continues, you can and will be chat banned for a temporary amount of time (by a Chat Mod or a *Dev*). If the infraction is severe enough, you may be permanently muted or banned from the game (by a *Dev*).

Exceptions: Any blatant use of the F-Bomb will result 1 hour chat ban without warning; any use of abbreviations (ie: f'ing, eff, effing, etc) will receive 1 warning, then the usual 1 hour chat ban if continued. Using replacement words such as Frack will not be warned or chat banned. You will receive an instant chat ban for extreme spamming or vulgarity, sharing pornographic links, discussions of rape, murder, molestation, or making death threats.

If you see players or moderators that you feel are breaking these rules, misbehaving, or abusing their positions please send in screenshots of the behavior in a private message to the Support Team here.